Students active outside the classroom do better inside the classroom.

Bethany has long stood by the the famous idiom ‘All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy’. We believe in education being the perfect mix of academics, co-curricular activities, experiences and discoveries. At Bethany there is always something happening to help keep our students on-the-go and constantly learning. We’ve seen over the years that students have grown to be stronger, sharper, more confident, and value oriented with the education system we’ve adopted at Bethany.

Co-curricular activities like sports, drama, music, literary fests and more have helped students discover their passion and challenges them to do things out of the box! We’ve seen students come out as thoroughly successful individuals doing the things they love. After all when you find passion, you find focus, and then you find success.

Our students are encouraged not only to take part in activities within the school but also compete in competitions on state, national and international levels. Our choir for instance has taken part in numerous competitions throughout each year and this year (2018), thanks to the Bethany Education Board (B.E.B) will be supported by the school to compete on an international level in Singapore. Similarly many of our students also represent Bethany on the highest levels in being selected to state and national sports teams.

What’s even more amazing is that we find most students perform better academically because of the non-monotonous environment they are in. Bethany encourages co-curricular activities to its fullest potential but make no mistake, there are no compromises to academic excellence.

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