All of us at Bethany realize and see the true potential of a child when he or she is exposed to music, drama, sports, art and a whole host of other co-curricular and curricular activities. It is our endeavour to see that a child not only shines on the outside but also from within. I use this opportunity to thank all our teachers for making every assembly (we’ve had one almost every day of the week) so special that children are impacted by a message it carries. I also thank the management for embracing and encouraging our staff, students and parents that allows each life here in Bethany to blossom and grow without any inhibitions.

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How Bethany Makes a Difference in Your Child’s Future

Our students are talented, hard-working and full of good ideas. We encourage and empower them to bring their ideas to life. Hands-on opportunities are what we're all about.

Leaders for Tomorrow

Leaders for Tomorrow

At Bethany, we believe that we need to work towards creating leaders for tomorrow. Through academics, athletics, community service, outdoor education and extra-curricular activities, Bethknights have ample opportunities to learn, collaborate and become leaders in little ways.

Making a Difference (BSR)

Making a Difference (BSR)

Students in every grade participate in selfless service. In 2017, our children at Bethany have contributed to various social causes by hosting activities like newspaper drive, tuckshop, carnival, musicals and much more. All proceeds from these events went to special social causes.

An Environment of Togetherness

An Environment of Togetherness

During their time at Bethany, students build extraordinary relationships with classmates and faculty members – these relationships translate into a support system which helps them through their toughest times, relationships that are strong enough to last a lifetime.

Imparting Values to Young Minds

Imparting Values to Young Minds

Everything we do at Bethany emphasizes our attitude, our morals & our values. Children are taught values that go beyond the four walls of a classroom, ensuring their responsibilities towards society in future & their readiness to face challenging environments ahead.


A community that supports the greatness in one, through the strength of many.


Know More About The All New Bethany High SarjapurBethany High Sarjapur is an ICSE affiliated school situated on Sarjapur Road away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Having just crossed the five-year landmark, Bethany High Sarjapur draws extensively from the legacy of the Bethany Institutions that spans over 55 stellar years in the field of education.


Students with different learning abilities discover hidden potential at our unique support program designed by experts, offered exclusively at Bethany.

'If you teach a fish to climb a tree, then it will spend its whole life thinking it is stupid’. At Bethany we believe every child is unique in their own way. Performing well in academics alone doesn’t determine the intellect of a student. Everyone is intelligent and has a unique way of learning and expressing. Children who face academic challenges have the option to now use the support of our additional care programs.











Our teachers singularly focus on one thing – Your Child


The Bethany Special School is the pride of our institutions and an inspiration for a new look at life. Our children at the special school teach us that disability is only a mindset and that nothing is impossible. Come discover the world of differently abled children at the Bethany Special School and expand your horizon for a life with purpose.


A True Sense of Home Away From Home

The Bethany hostel has been a safe haven nurturing over 2500 boarders since its inception. The boarders are looked after with the highest comfort and care during their stay at the Bethany Integrated Home.

Your Child's Safety is Our No.1 Priority

A school is and must be a safe place for all students to learn and play. Bethany ensures that everyone from the management to the part-time staff takes a genuine interest in the safety of your children. After all, the school is your child's second home

Compliance to Government Security Guidelines

Compliance to Government Security Guidelines

Periodic Staff Briefing on Student Safety

Periodic Staff Briefing on Student Safety

Fire Drills for Safe and Effective Evacuation

Fire Drills for Safe and Effective Evacuation

Educating Children About Safety Awareness

Educating Children About Safety Awareness


"Being able to have our son study at Bethany High, is one of the greatest blessings that has come our way since we shifted from Chennai in 2014! Our son Judah has blossomed not just academically and in the extra-curricular, but even grown tremendously as an individual! Having come from a non-school background, I’ve always maintained that the work culture at Bethany is so unique, even established corporates can glean some pointers from the fun, creative, accommodative family that is Bethany!"
"I have clear vivid memories of Bethany hostel on the serpentine street. I often think if it was not for Bethany, especially Mrs. Mignon David I would have been a farmer in my village today."
"The focus at Bethany is not just on excellence in academics, but on the all-round development, growth, and character of the child. Values of regular prayer, hard work, kindness, respect, self-discipline, sharing, and friendship are constantly inculcated into the students. As a parent for over 15 years, having two children studying in the school, I’ve had a remarkable experience and am really happy to see the continued commitment and hard work of the management and teachers in taking the school to even greater heights. With the education, opportunities, encouragement, care, support, and attention provided by the entire team at Bethany, the school has played a vital role in moulding the personalities of my children, enabling them to follow their dreams and aspirations. I wish Bethany Institutions all the very best in their future endeavours."
"I'd like to think of BETHANY HIGH SCHOOL as The ‘BETHANY HOME SCHOOL’ because it was always like my first home! From 1993- 2005 Bethany Home School molded me into what I am today! I remember all the teachers being more like friends who not only played the role of educators but shared concentrated attention on every individual's growth, both mentally and physically! We also had an ‘Uber cool principal', Dr. Akash Ryall who now serves as the director of the institutions. Today, I am an actor by profession and I attribute everything I've achieved, (especially for the discovery of my passion), to the 12 years of my education, both curricular and co-curricular at Bethany high!"
"Five years in Bethany was nothing short of exciting as I got to experience almost everything Bethany had to offer. It's the one place where I was encouraged not to focus only on my academics but also extra-curricular like musicals, lit activities, and sports. I also had the honor of being the literary captain of Darell house, where I had the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills and teamwork. Bethany is an institution that ensures the all-round development of each and every student, instilling us with values as we learn new skills and reminding us the importance of prayer. I learned to balance things like a huge production while simultaneously preparing for my exam which seemed impossible before, and I know everything I learned in Bethany will help me in the future. Bethany is not just my school, but my family where we love and trust one another and make memories we will cherish forever"




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