Why Bethany Institutions is Amongst The Top Inclusive Schools In Bangalore
February 17, 2022
Bethany Institutions

Our Founder Mrs. Mignon David had the highest standards for service towards children. This article teaches us why Bethany carries on that legacy today which has found itself in the list of top inclusive schools in Bangalore.

The Earth is the mother of all people and all people should have equal rights upon it.

Equality another beautiful quality that Bethany believes in unequivocally. When our Founder Mrs. Mignon David a woman of immense strength and fortitude began a little home for the destitute little would she have known that decades later this little home would emerge as a shining beacon, an institution that metamorphosed into a haven of integrity and creativity. An institution that generates a deep sense of loyalty and love among its staff, children, and alumni.

What makes Bethany standout in times when the world around is so divisive that it welcomes into its loving fold children from all backgrounds. In all these years the school has admitted its students simply by word of mouth and of course alumni who want nothing more than wanting their children to go through the same alma mater. The admission process does not restrict anybody from applying. Needless to say, it’s not easy to obtain a seat in Bethany High. This is simply because it’s a rare event when a parent decides to withdraw a child from school unless the reason is completely unavoidable. A child who joins in Pre Nursery simply continues right up to grade 12. The Bethanite tag is a badge of honor that the person will hold close to his or her heart all their life.

The principles which our founder Mrs. Mignon held so close to her heart have in no way diluted over the years. If anything the management strives ever so hard to ensure that the school continues to uphold the high standards set by her. The Director who is the grandson of Mrs. Mignon David, the Principal Mr. Robert Khin and the Board of Directors whose Vice President is Mrs.E.H.Ryall have the values  so deeply entrenched in them which is one of the reasons why Bethany High stands so tall, proud and coveted  despite the fact that there are multitude of schools in Bangalore. Even much before the RTE came into force whereby schools were compelled,( some unwillingly)  to take in children from unprivileged backgrounds Bethany quietly went about admitting children from all walks of life much before this rule was enforced.

Bethany opened its loving, generous arms to children from all backgrounds irrespective of social standing, caste or religion.  Be it the children of the support staff, the school gardener, the school security guard, bus drivers or children from families who lost a parent. Basically, the school without much ado took over the education of the children which would otherwise have been interrupted. Every child given the right opportunity is bound to blossom. Lack of financial support at a crucial juncture should not be a deterrent to a child’s development. That is precisely what Bethany ensures. Children who may have under normal circumstances have discontinued their studies have gone on to become capable young men and women.

The teachers showered the same amount of love and care and these children many of whom went on to make Bethany proud by becoming persons to reckon with. The school management ensured that these children continued to be supported even after they graduated from school. The beauty lies in the fact that all this is done without much fanfare. A chat with some of the Heads of Departments reveals heartwarming tales of how the Principal Mr. Robert Khin and the Director Dr.Akash Ryall have gone out of the way to support a family in times of utter despair. These actions are born out of empathy and genuine concern. It is also performed in anonymity and never used as an opportunity for a photo shoot. A rare thing indeed in times of today’s social media frenzy in a materialistic world.

The children being supported in this manner are in no way differentiated and the beautiful culture that Bethany fosters ensures that children from all walks of life enjoy every aspect of the school life be it taking part in the school picnic or being a  part of the school musical. Every single child enjoys equal opportunity. The child of a famous surgeon or the school van driver’s child sit shoulder to shoulder and therein lies the greatness of Bethany.


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To learn more or apply for admissions in the academic year 2024-25
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