Looking back, one of the best decisions I’ve made is joining Bethany Junior College. Since joining Bethany in seventh grade I have learnt to be more disciplined, respectful and have a positive outlook .

As 11th and 12th are considered the most crucial years I was apprehensive to get into a good college especially during the pandemic. spending four years in Bethany, made me feel like I was a part of a family that I want to be a part of for two more years. The pandemic has been a challenge for the management as well as the students, despite that I felt that the management handled the situation of online classes very well making sure that all the students were taken care of in such a way that no student was left behind regarding academics as well as anything else concerning them.

Inspite of having classes online for two years, the curriculum and teaching methodology has enabled me to be more focused and has instilled seriousness in me regarding my 12th board exams. The teachers not only provided us with adequate notes but also made sure the required amount of attention was given to each and every student such that all the projects and school work were completed and submitted on time. Now looking back I feel I’ve made a very good decision by continuing in Bethany as the principles and values imparted by Bethany can mould every student to bring out the best in them which they will continue to hold for the rest of their lives.

– Ramya (Class XII)