SIMPLY THE BEST: Bethany’s In-House Musical Extravaganza
February 27, 2024
Bethany Institutions

In tandem with its 60th Year celebrations, Bethany brought the roof down with a music concert titled “Simply the Best”. Not one, but two concerts on Friday, 20th Oct ‘23!

The 4:30 pm show was for the highly energetic standing audience of students, and the 7:15 pm show was all seated, but interestingly, they were also loud!

The energy in the auditorium was infectious, to say the least! Oozing with anticipation, the crowd just let their hair down and screamed, sang along, danced, head-banged and even did the iconic phone torch wave for the ballads!

54 of Bethany’s most talented students performed over 25 songs, leaving the audience spellbound and asking for more. Like the “Jackson 5” medley, it was mesmerising to see the carefully choreographed dance moves with exceptional vocals, especially since the lead singers were as young as 10 years old!  

Next, the Primary babies took the stage with 2 songs, including a Sinatra classic, ‘High Hopes’. Keeping to Bethany’s Musical theatre DNA, ‘Therapy’ from the musical Tik Tik Boom was next, and the duo had the audience eating out of their hands with the fast-paced, quirky lyrics.
A Bethany Alumni Quartet took the stage next with a super engaging rendition of ‘Seasons of Love’ followed by a coterie of Bethany Parents who got the audience singing along to classics from CSNY, CCR and Everly Brothers.

Slowing down the pace, the students took back the stage with Adele’s ‘When We Were Young’ with harmonies and passionate voices that left you tingling. Ending the 1st half was the Beatles classic ‘Blackbird’ with an 8th grade nailing the acoustic guitar parts and Blesswin Immanuel (alumni, Music Director) adding some glitzy electric guitar parts with the 5 students singers acing the difficult harmonies. They even added their bluesy twist at the end with the refrain, ‘Blackbird fly, take these broken wings and fly!’

The 2nd half started with an explosive ‘Carry On Wayward Son’ by Kansas, performed by Bethany’s very own Music Department teachers; maybe they were reliving their college rocker days; either way they had the school kids head banging to the 70s classic rock.

The Tina Turner star song ‘Simply the Best’ was next, and the lead singer RakshaKrishnaprasad was engaging. Drummer boy Stefan Carvalho hit the crowd singing ‘Jump’ while still playing the drums, transitioning into the pop classic ‘Take on Me’.

Classic rock ruled the roost, with  Toto’s ‘Hold the Line’ featuring 11-year-old guitarist Praneel Sinha killing that guitar solo perfectly, followed by ‘Livin on a Prayer’ where vocalist Shayan Pattem was mesmerising. Next up, alumni Pranav Binu and Bethany’s YouTube sensation ‘Caset’ did a mash-up of AR Rahman’s Adiye’ with ‘Fallin’ the Alicia Keys number. This mash-up was ethereal, with the fusion element musically and lyrically just elevating the moment beyond reality!

The concert ended with the crowd favourite, a ‘Coldplay’ medley, with the audience singing every lyric. Then, of course, what better way to end a concert like this than with an epic ‘Queen’ medley? ‘We Are The Champions’ was the last song, and considering the whole concert was done by students only from the Bethany talent pool; they can proudly say that.    

The Alumni performance was scintillating, as were the parent segments, giving the show take-homes that would connect with any music lover! Truly, it was Simply the Best!!!


Watch the full video here: 


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