Bethany Sarjapur Pre-Primary and Primary

During the formative years of Pre-Nursery to Junior 1, our child centric and serene campus combined with a comprehensive curriculum, provides an all-round development of the child. The children are nudged to blossom, with opportunities for exposure to multiple intelligence systems like free thinking, emotional intelligence, fine motor skills, sensory development and creative challenges. Following a child-centric approach, the Pre-primary curriculum includes pre-writing strokes, alphabets, numbers, shapes, vocabulary building, reading, storytelling, rhymes, nature talks, colour days, community helper days, and many such activities and events.

Primary Department

The Primary Department at Bethany High School Sarjapur imparts your child with the skills and attitudes required for them to grow into confident and responsible individuals. Classes: This department comprising classes 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th enables your child’s smooth transition to a more structured learning environment while kindling their curiosity and creativity in pursuit of education.

Syllabus and more

The school follows the ICSE curriculum with a structured syllabus designed by our team of experts focusing on delivering quality academic knowledge. Considering Primary to be the foundation years, we focus on five core subjects: English, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics & II Language. III Language is also given equal importance. Apart from these core subjects, enrichment subjects like Value Education and General knowledge are included in our curriculum. We also take pride in providing an all-round education to our students by including Art, Dance, Music, Physical Education, Computers, Abacus and Reading as part of the regular timetable.


Academics along with other co-curricular subjects are assessed at regular intervals over the year. Four assessments are planned during the academic year. Additionally Formative Assessments are conducted at regular intervals to check the understanding of the students in various concepts taught. Students requiring additional support in academics are referred to the Learning Lab comprising specially qualified and committed teachers.


All students are provided with several opportunities to showcase their talents on the performance stage, through Class Assemblies and Talent Shows. School events and competitions such as Sports Day, Literary Week, held every year help our students compete with their peers in a healthy and positive atmosphere.

Field Trips

We firmly believe that field trips play a vital role in fostering greater awareness of the world around. Outbound learning trips at Bethany High are arranged in a way so as to provide education and understanding. Students are also taken to orphanages and old-age homes to help them develop empathy towards the less privileged. Annual school picnics loaded with fun-filled activities form an intrinsic part of a child’s life at Bethany paving way for a great bonding time with their classmates and teachers.

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