Bethany Sarjapur Middle & High School

Middle and High school years are a time of physical, intellectual, and emotional development. The Middle School caters to children from 6th & 7th and the 8th, 9th & 10th come under the High School Department.

To acknowledge the energy and enthusiasm of adolescents, we at Bethany have created a dynamic curriculum that blends both curricular and co-curricular activities. This gives the students myriad opportunities to be challenged and to get sufficient exposure, successfully preparing them for their journey of education ahead.

The curriculum for Middle school covers English, Second Language(Kannada/Hindi), Mathematics, Science(that branches out into Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) Social Studies ( split into History & Civics and Geography), and Computer. Additionally, we also provide Club classes where students choose the subjects of interest like dance, literature, music, etc and pursue them. Value education periods are also an integral part of the middle school curriculum.

ICSE Subjects offered:
In Std 9, the school offers the following ICSE subjects to choose from: 

Group 1: English Language, English Literature, II Language (Kannada/Hindi), History & Civics, Geography
Group 2: Mathematics/Economics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)/Commercial Studies
Group 3: Art/Computer Application/Western Music/Physical Education


Class Assemblies, Special assemblies, inter-school competitions and the MUN (Model United Nations) conducted at regular intervals, help shape the personality of the students and also hone their talents. The Literary week, Sports Day and the various competitions provide a forum to the students to exhibit their talents. The various inter-house competitions held all through the year, not only give the students a platform to showcase their innate talents, but also teaches them teamwork, quick decision making, problem-solving and other life skills.


The stage of adolescence is a period of transition and challenges are expected. The school has a dedicated, in-house Counselor to support students to deal with adolescent challenges and peer group dynamics. To help children requiring additional help in academics, we have the Special Educators from the Learning Lab.


The Educational Outstation trips are consciously included in the school year’s plan as these trips offer students a unique cultural learning experience. They also broaden their understanding of the outside world and at the same time add to the enjoyable and unforgettable memories of their school life.

The education they receive and the unique Bethany environment they are in, nurtures and fosters the students with love, care, and guidance, preparing them to be confident individuals as they embark to step up the ladder of higher education. Jump in with us, in this amazing Journey of Learning and make your children’s school days memorable.

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