Bethany Primary Department

The Bethany High Primary Department encompasses Grades 2 through 5. Our goal is to provide a seamless transition for our students from the Pre-primary Department, ushering them into an environment where they become more self-reliant. We foster a positive and nurturing setting where the joy of learning is central. Throughout the year, student’s academic progress is evaluated via four assessment worksheets, each covering manageable portions of the curriculum. Students needing extra support are directed to our Learning Lab and our dedicated LEAP teachers.

Beyond academics, we are committed to holistic development. Weekly, each student’s schedule includes sessions in the Library, Hindi & Kannada classes, a Reading program, Music, Abacus, Art, Dance, P.E., and Computer Studies. This is in addition to core subjects such as Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. Furthermore, our team of counsellors are available during school hours for individualised sessions.

Each student gets a chance to shine in our ‘Class Assembly’, providing them with an opportunity to confidently present in front of peers, teachers, parents, and school management. Our field trips and picnics are not only fun but also educational. Monthly competitions further allow students to refine their unique strengths. Annual events, like the Road Run, Musical, and Carnival, infuse a celebratory spirit into the school experience.

Our dedicated team of Primary Department educators strives to compassionately and decisively equip your children with essential reading, writing, and speaking skills, preparing them for the adventures and challenges that lie ahead.

To learn more or apply for admissions in the academic year 2024-25

To learn more or apply for admissions in the academic year 2024-25
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