Letters of Appreciation – Primary Dept.
October 19, 2023
Bethany Institutions

Dear Bethany management, HOD primary dept. and Class teacher Jacklin Ma’am.

I would like to thank the Bethany management for its initiative to have live MST classes which is a good move to have live interaction with the students in this scenario. We appreciate and thank the class teacher of my son for inculcating values of life along with the Literature class. We were there when the class was going on as my son needs my help sometimes. I was really amazed to see the teacher connecting the Literature lesson with simple but very important values like kindness and care for others, which in fact is the most important thing to learn at this formative age.

Bethany High school is one if the best and elite schools in Bangalore and it always stands out for what it

Academics is taught in all schools, but the values imparted in your school needs a applaud.
Once again Thank You so much Ma’am.

Thanks and Regards


Today we got the message that after dusehrra holiday, the school will conduct 3 day Online MS team interactive class. It is a very good decision in our view. And thanks a lot for thinking for our ward’s all round development.

We appreciate your decision.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Sushanta and Shiuli , Aadrit Sarkar, Std 2, B- Parent

Hello ma’am

Just want to thank Jackie ma’am for making the Language class so clear each concept was drill properly and we as a parent had no difficulty to make the child understand anything it was taught so beautifully with lots of examples and pictures. In fact I too had brushed my grammar.

Hats off to the teacher . Thank you, Bethany for doing a fabulous job . The questions asked in the AOL was also good and thank you for giving a revision test.

A big thank you to Amrita ma’am for her self explanatory Videos which made our work easier.

Thanks & Regards Seema Joseph

Good afternoon ma’am,

This is Shravya’s mom here…

Got to hear from Shravya about your valued messages to the students…

Thanks for leaving them with such thoughts about Gratitude to teachers & looking after your parents etc…you have touched their human feelings……

Very nice of all the teachers at Bethany, who encourages every child to do their best, irrespective of their interests….

“Everyone is made to feel warm & special”….these are the thoughts from both my daughters….Happy to be a part of Bethany.

Wish you many more years in this profession dear ma’am…

Please convey our Best Regards to Yvonne ma’am

Thank you

A word of gratitude!


On behalf of Vedika, I would like to thank you and all teachers of primary dept. at Bethany (Std.2) for their support and guidance through this turbulent academic year. Jackie maam,you made the children feel so connected through your online classes and Vedika always looked forward for them.

The videos by all the Std.2 class teachers Jyothi maam, Nithya maam,Aditi maam, Meenakshi maam and Jackie maam were excellent and they had made it so easy for the children to understand. Hindi classes by Ginni maam were so well taught and interesting. The art videos by Jyoti maam was a stress buster and Vedika enjoyed them. Thanks to Abacus teacher, computer teacher PE and Value Ed teacher, Reading, Music teachers! Their videos/classes were so important to keep the children calm and grounded! We as parents respect and value all your efforts and hard work during this difficult year.

Dear Elizabeth Ma’am,

We the parents of Aadi Aryan Surin of Std 4B batch 2020-2021, are really indebted to you and all the subject teachers in the primary dept. including the Bethany Management, Koramangala, Bangalore.

We are grateful to you and the school for ensuring flawless and seamless delivery of all the sessions. Along with the main subjects, even the Art and Craft, PT, Dance, Story Telling etc subjects were taken as it used to be while in school classes. The online classes were uninterrupted and the children did pay complete attention.

The exams were also conducted professionally and in a smooth manner.

We thank the Learning Lab teachers too.

The extracurricular activities like all competition, face painting, talent show to name few were quite interesting and our son Aadi Aryan Surin did participate.

We the parents are grateful and thank to You, all the Teachers and Bethany High Management for putting in their heart and soul for the online classes successfully.

Words are less to express our gratitude!!!

Best Regards,

Divya Sonali Minz (mother)

Punit Surin (father)

Student – Aado Aryan Surin (son)

Std 4B, 2020 – 2021.

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