Welcome to Bethany Pre-Primary School: Your Child’s First Step to a Bright Future

The Bethany Institutions, with a focus on holistic education for children of all ages, is a premier learning hub for the well-rounded development of dedicated children. With a foundation built on 60 years of excellence and core philosophies, the Bethany fraternity brings you the best Pre-Primary school Bangalore offers.

SITUATED just across the road from the Bethany High main school building, the Pre-Primary Department is a safe haven for the youngest of the Bethanites.

OUR AIM is to equip our children with skills that will nurture each child’s uniqueness, helping them carve a niche for themselves and be ready for the years ahead.

We, as a team work towards a goal where the children will have firm foundations with robust roots – that will enable them to spread their wings to reach greater heights.

At Bethany Pre-Primary School, we prepare students to make the best of their school life while encouraging children’s emotional development. The culmination of this level of diverse skill development in early years results in more confident, curious, and high-potential children.

With its reputation as one of the top pre-primary schools in Bangalore, Bethany provides a safe and comfortable space for children to unravel and discover their true selves.

Through an immense focus on diverse pre-school activities and the concept of learning through play, we instil within children a passion for learning and curiosity. Our philosophy makes us one of the most renowned and best pre-schools in Bangalore.

CLASSES: The Pre-Primary Department comprises of the Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Junior 1, and Standard 1 classes with about 600 children in our care. To ensure the holistic development of the child, we follow the tenets of multiple intelligence where we have specialized teachers to handle specific co –curricular experiences. Classrooms are bustling with conversation classes, Reading, Music, Special celebrations, Art, Movement and other activities.

A specialised RESOURCE CENTRE caters to the needs of those children who need a little extra help in specific areas. The trained teachers interact with the children and their parents to make a plan that would benefit the child.

WHAT HAPPENS AT PPD: Throughout the academic year, we have multifarious and innovative conceptualised events that are public invited functions, like the SPORTS DAY, RHYTHM and RHYME, Collage Exhibition, Grandparents’ Day, Talent’s Day, Quiz Competition and Class assemblies that build the confidence of students while making the learning experience, fun.

As one of the best pre-schools in Bangalore, Bethany focuses on creating a journey for children of discovery, growth, and transformation. Together, we nurture curiosity and ignite passions within young minds.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

“I would like to share the  experience of Rhyme time. The event was organised so well and never thought these little kids are so talented. Thanks for the opportunity given to Darshik, he danced so well and till date we watch his dance videos and enjoy. It is not easy to make these kids to do so well without the support of the class teachers. I thank the teachers. I am proud my kids are part of Bethany institutions. Thank you once again for making the event so memorable.”

Rekha S

To learn more or apply for admissions in the academic year 2024-25

To learn more or apply for admissions in the academic year 2024-25
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