Letters Of Appreciation – Pre-Primary
October 19, 2023
Bethany Institutions

Dear Namrath Ma’am,

Let me start by thanking each and every teacher of pre- nursery for putting in so much effort for the tiny tots. Last academic year was very tough for all of us and to be honest I was put off by the fact that my youngest one won’t be able to attend school (honestly I just wanted “ME” time after sending everyone to school).

The recorded classes as well the online classes were a success. Initially my thoughts were that it not going to work for 3 year olds as they do not have a tendency to sit through nor they have any classroom experience. I was proved wrong. My daughter looked forward to the recorded videos, so much so that she recognises all the teachers. Kripa Ma’am, so composed and pleasant, Kavitha Ma’am so jovial and zestful and our very own Namrath Ma’am who has gone to great lengths to make the videos and make them appealing to small kids.

The online classes i would have preferred if it was 2 days a week. My daughter loved the songs sung by Sharmila Ma’am. All the craft activities and pleasantries exchanged during that 45 minutes was enough to engage the kids. Namrath Ma’am you really made an effort to know the kids personally where at the beginning or at the end of each session you took time to talk to the little ones.

The entire pre-nursery curriculum was essayed in such a fashion that there was a continuity and rhythm to everything that was being taught. All the teachers were able to built a rapport with the kids even though virtual which talks a great deal about the sincerity and hard work put in.

Thank you very much for this opportunity

Divya Deep Narayan

Dear Kavitha Ma’am,

Thank you for all your effort and time in making this year meaningful for Johanan. Although it was a difficult year the effort put in by all the staff was evident. PFA a link to the videos and photos of Johanan’s talent day, fancy dress, and activities.


Please let Rachel ma’am know as well. Have a restful and blessed vacation.

With warm regards,

Praveen and Niranjana

(Parents of Johanan Praveen)

Hello Namrath Mam,

Regarding the feedback on online and offline classes for Pre-Nursery students.

My Personal experience is that all the teachers (offline and online classes) have done an excellent job. In this Pandemic situation, I understand the effort you all have taken to keep things updated and well organised.

But it was very difficult to make my daughter sit and watch the videos, also the online classes. The only drawback is they are missing the experience of attending the classroom sessions and interacting with other kids.

Otherwise, I am very happy with the classes that you have provided.

Happy Holidays and stay safe.


Bharathi Anand.


Hi Pooja Ma’ am,

Online classes were really good. I understand that lot of effort would have been there to make a 40 min class every week.

Talent’s day was special for all the kids. Especially Dashin was really excited to show his talent that day.

Thanks a lot for the all the effort and creative way of teaching.



Parent of Dashin M – Nur C

Hello Pooja Mam,

This is Rabia Aisha’s mum studying in your class Nur C, I would like to share with you few insights about how this last year has been.

Firstly, the academics have been exceptional.

With Online classes being the new Norm, We were very impressed by the overall learning schedule and how well the Teacher’s have put in soo much effort to make everything seem so simple yet lot of Fun and approachable to these young tots…

Secondly, the Fascinating Stories. Dance classes. Nature talks. Physical exercises and activities has had my daughter’s full fascination and Aisha was always up and waiting for the next ones.

Though the interactions were offline. I see my child learn and recognise letters numbers and phonic words…

Last but not the least…your Patience and perseverance Pooja Mam during classes hats off to you!!! As half the time the kids had nothing to do but just call you and seek attention….and you always listened to each and every one of them.

Bigggg thank you to you Mam and all at Pre Primary dept for making this tough year successful for us…Looking forward to meet you soon!!




Dear Ma’am,

Would like to apprentice the effort you have put in correcting the dictation results… So systematic and methodical in correcting their mistakes. And appreciating the ones who had done well to do better …. Hats off to your patience and perseverance during such difficult times. Anika enjoyed attending online class and taking dictation. Thank you ma’am.

Asha K parent of Anika S of Jr 1


I’m Nandhini, parent of Arjun V.A. of Jr 1 A. This is regarding the online classes which were conducted this year for my son.

1) Personally I was very happy with the mix of 2 live and rest recorded sessions in a week as we could show the recorded videos in staggered manner.

2) This helped in balancing our office work and school classes as well as managing the screen time properly.

3) The duration of the videos were also apt in the way it is not too long. So that, we could help the kid keep his attention.

4) A special mention about Sabine ma’am, who is Arjun’s class teacher. She took the classes very lively, covered all the kids in that limited time and I could see that kids really enjoyed the way the class started with making a milkshake and singing some God songs and eventually getting into the lessons. The milkshake sessions were the ice breaker for the kids !!

What could be done when the classes resume offline:

1) A brush up of Jr 1 lessons

2) Language ramp-up.

Appreciate the sincere efforts of all teachers and Bethany management as this way of teaching is new for teachers as well.

Thank you !!



My son Atharv Daagaa Reddy studying in Junior 1 – A sec has been really enjoying his online classes this year. His class teacher Sabene ma’am was very good in getting kids to adapt to this new way of learning and making learning time fun. At first I was kind of skeptical about how my son would be able to cope with online classes. But not only she made it made it fun ,she also made sure the kids understood what was being taught. The online classes was totally worth it. The kind of effort the teachers put it was great . I want to thank in every staff that put it their time and effort which made everything possible.




My association with Bethany Pre Primary Department started in the year 2018 when I got my elder daughter admitted to Nursery. From the word go I have always had a great experience with the working of the department. All the teachers, staff, aunties, guards everyone is committed to the well being of our children. The dedication to academics and co – curricular activities is remarkable.

Last year was a test for all of us, having to face such an unprecedented time. Inspite of all the hurdles, our teachers came together to educate our children with the same enthusiasm and loyalty which Bethany is renowned for. Emimol Mam’s calm and poised attitude of dealing with the kids questions, Bhashwati Mam’s exhilaration on seeing kids even though virtual, all shows how the department has come together as a trustworthy team.Maths which is a nightmare for many kids was made supremely easy by Sharmili Ma’am.

The softness and depth with which Paromita Ma’am teaches is an epitome of patience. Maya Ma’am and Madhavi Mam’s teaching styles strike the right cord and make the language easy to grasp. And I must say Dhanalaxmi Ma’am taught me a few things about computers.

All teachers right from pre-nursery have a such a joyous and happy face which is why I think kids love to go to school. Deepu Sir with his melodious songs have a special place in our children’s hearts when he takes away the burden of studies. Shalini Ma’am, Aisha Ma’am, Sanjeev Sir, Tasneem Ma’am all ensured that school is not just about studies.

In short Bethany’s PPD is a happy place to where you not only get an education but also a disciplined life which matters the most. Bharathi Ma’am must be so proud leading such a triumphant team.

Am honored at being asked to talk about the school. Even though my association with PPD is not ending considering my youngest is in pre- nursery, but a part of me is sad thinking that this farewell is virtual, if it were normal times am pretty sure there would have been an extravagant farewell party.

Thank you


Divya Deep Narayan

Pupils Name: Diya Narayan

Class: Grade 1E

Dear Baswathi Madam,

As Daivik’s Mom, I personally wanted to thank all the teachers,
1.For all your hard work and great effort even though it was a very new experience for you too, teaching online.

The amount of patience and love you showed towards the little ones even though it was through online and that’s the reason you nicely took them under your control too.
You covered all the portions without taxing them too much unlike other schools for which we really feel proud of Bethany teachers and the school management and for our kids being in Bethany.
Not only the kids but we parents too had a wonderful experience and a great time with you all- all through the year. We enjoyed and learnt some too😉☺ along with our children like Deepak Sir’s. Each class was full of fun learning, learning Tux paint with Dhanalaxmi Madam, doing art with Tasneem Madam, knowing some new things with G.K Bindu Madam and so on.
Special thanks to the class teacher Mrs. Baswathi Madam for the way you handled these children especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays online sessions. You handled the kids with abundance of love and patience.
It was actually a great opportunity for all parents to know how Bethany usually treats their kids.
We as Daivik’s parents personally feel proud for having been associated with Bethany from his BPC days till today.
Though it was a pandemic situation, Thank you each and everyone of Bethany PPD for making this academic year a successful one. Though the children missed all the fun coming to school physically but the way you taught, they really captured well. We pray for your well being too at this time.

Thank you Once Again.

Cordially yours,

Srilatha Santhanam

Std 1 A Parent

Dear Maam,

I am Mrs. Esther Jasmine, mother of Evan Jacob who is studying in Std 1 ‘A’ section.

This year has been very difficult due to Corona. Kids finished this year without going to school even a single day. But despite many difficulties, School ensured that the kids do not lack good education through the online classes. All the subjects were made very interesting through the videos.

I thank God for this wonderful opportunity for my son to study in Bethany High School and to all the teachers who put in all their efforts to teach the kids so lovingly and always having smile on their faces.

I thank the Director Dr. Akash Ryall sir, Principal, Mr. Robert sir, PPD HOD Mrs. Bharthi Maam and my son’s wonderful class teacher Mrs. Bashwathi Maam (thats you ) and to all the other subject teachers Pramitha Maam, Emimol Maam, Madhavi Maam, Maya Maam, Sharmila Maam, Pavithra Maam, Dhanalakshmi Maam, Bindhu Maam, Tasneem Maam, Ayesha Maam, Shalini Maam, Deepu Sir and Sanjeev sir.

I appreciate and thank all the teachers for the tremendous work done by all of you. God bless you all. Hoping that my son would get to attend school from June and meet all of you in person.

Thank you.


Esther Jasmine

Respected Bharati Ma’am and Teachers,

Our daughter Amyra has been part of Bethany High School Koramangala for three years. Firstly as parents we would like to thank all the teachers and staff for their guidance and support during this journey. I would like to highlight the outstanding work put in by the teachers during the Covid crises. Keeping children of this age group engaged is an uphill task while they are at School but the same was done in an exemplary manner through Online classes.

Considering the online mode of classes something that stood out was the reduced number of live classes, this was an excellent step as children have limited retention power and concentration while sitting in front of the machine. Keeping in consideration their growing age extended period of exposure to PCs and laptops result in adversely affecting their eyesight. Due to Covid restrictions at times the recreation of children was limited to TVs and Laptops which added to their exposure to electronic devices. Keeping the above in mind the steps taken by your School to limit live classes to 2 times a week was an exemplary step.

The ability of the teachers to impart knowledge to the children through the online mode was praiseworthy and children enjoyed it so much that they would eagerly wait for their next class. Also the quality of recorded videos was of a high bar as they were self explanatory in nature and content which helped Amyra to understand everything easily. This speaks volumes of the hard work put in by the teachers to create such content.

Bethany has been a blessing to us as Parents over the past three years. A big shout out to Bharati Ma’am for ensuring an Inclusive environment and to Paramita Ma’am and all Grade 1 subject teachers for guiding the children during the difficult Covid Phase.


Col Navneet Mediratta F/O Amyra Mediratta Std 1D

Respected Parmitha Ma’am,

We parents of Shaanvi. H. S ( std 1 ‘ D. ) & Shivank. H. S ( std 1 ‘ B’ ) wanted to thank you and all the teachers of Pri-primary department for all the hard work and love put in to rnake our kids lessons interesting & fun.

Ms. Parmitha Ma’am you have been such an amazing teacher with soft voice and lovely smile towards kids. You had patience to listen and respond to every kid through online classes. And your offline videos were very precise.

We like to personally thank the HOD of Pri. Primary department Ms. Bharthi ma’am , it was she at the helm that made all this happen smoothly. This was the best curriculum ever seen and heard in this New learning.

As a parents of twins , we were worried about this academics schooling but every teacher had unique quality to make the subjects interesting and fit in and we too enjoyed watching offline classes and learned few along with the kids.

We like to thank all the teachers for the efforts put in through this New learning in this pandemic. Now we totally understand how much our kids are missing school campus. Throughout Pri. primary our kids enjoyed coming to school and were happy to see their teachers and all staffs too.

We are touched beyond words, you made this New learning simply the best.

Thanking the entire Management of Bethany High,

Yours sincerely,

Shilpa K. & Harish Babu.

Dear Bhaswathi Ma’am,

On behalf of my son Tarun, I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to you and to all the faculty members of Std. 1 who went above and beyond this academic year.

I’m sure it was hugely challenging to teach children in a new environment and recreate coursework virtually. But your collective passion, commitment and dedication brought the lessons to life online, with engaging, well-made videos in every subject and an element of fun. (Deepak Sir’s videos were for the whole family!)

In particular, I would like to thank you, Bhaswathi Ma’am, for making the weekly ‘live’ classes so effective. Logging in early for an informal interactive half-hour with the kids, listening to them, drawing them out — you made every child feel special and ‘visible’, contributing to their growth in this challenging year. Your encouraging smile, kind words and attentiveness went a long way in boosting their confidence. Though I never attended the live classes with my son, he would report in great detail later — on what his classmates said, what Bhaswathi Ma’am said — and it always seemed like a lively discussion!

Thank you also to Bharathi Ma’am, whose guidance was felt at every step, in the overall, elevated quality of teaching and instruction.

If anything, this year has reinforced just how valuable a teacher’s contribution is to a child’s life — so thank you again. Here’s wishing you, and all the teachers of the pre-primary section, continued success ahead!


Pushpalee (Tarun Johnson’s mom)

Dear Paramita Ma’am,

As parents we were wondering about the efficacy and usefulness of the online classes. But all thanks to the Bethany Administration and mostly to you and all the wonderful teachers who made it an experience worth waiting for each week of the year gone by. Especially you Ma’am have been such a wonderful teacher! How I wish my daughter had the opportunity to be with you in the class and experience the calm, beautiful method of teaching which you have.

My daughter and I have sat through your online classes together and at number of occasions I have told Avigail, how I wish I was her age and could have been your student. You are the just the sweetest teacher I have ever seen. Avigail and all her classmates have missed out on this opportunity to be with you due to the pandemic but we hope to meet you in the coming year and thank you in person. We wish you a very long life… just so more and more children can experience learning from a beautiful, involved and amazing teacher like you!!!

Parul Singh

Parent of Avigail Mehta Std 1 D

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