A Letter of Gratitude
October 04, 2023
Bethany Institutions

Dear Mrs. Sandra Rosario,

Hello Madam, it is tough to believe that time has passed so quickly that almost a year has come to completion. I wanted to say that I’m very thankful to you for being a great mentor. Especially as a mother of two kids, often I couldn’t concentrate on Mithulram during his class hours, but I was never worried because you always take care of each and every child by turning their camera on and keeping them attentive with your unique way of teaching.
You not only taught curriculum to the students but also you taught them discipline, manners and punctuality which is most important to shape them as good human beings. I admire the way you organised extra classes for the students who were absent during class time, which shows your dedication towards your work. I also wanted to share one more instance for your dedication which made me speechless personally. One day you started the class as usual, I remember the time was not 9 o’clock yet, you got a call with some uncertain news, with your eyes filled with tears you completed that class and took a day off. Hats off ma’am.
I am very grateful to you for supporting Mithulram during his medical emergencies. I convey my heartfelt thanks for making this academic year a wonderful and fun filled learning experience for all the students of Std 3A. I always feel that Mithulram is lucky to get very supportive and caring HOD’s Mrs. Shanti Ravindra, Mrs. Smitha Elizabeth Oommen and all other teachers from pre-nursery onwards.
I also want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts that BETHANY MANAGEMENT have taken so far during this pandemic. I thank the management for the awesome teaching techniques that have been followed from the beginning to till date which helped our child to learn, explore and understand new things and update himself on a regular basis.

Thanks & Regards
S. Karthika Babu


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