Parenting Tips from a Teacher: Discovering the Power of Everyday Moments
October 16, 2023
Bethany Institutions

Every teacher knows that the role of a parent is both unparalleled and irreplaceable in a child’s life. As a long-time educator, I’ve seen how the little moments shared between parents and children lay the foundation for their future. In the quiet corridors and bustling classrooms, I’ve witnessed firsthand the influence of the parent-child bond on a student’s journey. Here’s a compilation of insights on parenting tips from a teacher rooted deeply in these observations:

1. Unwavering Love: At the heart of every child’s security and confidence is the knowledge of being loved unconditionally. It’s not merely about the big deeds but the everyday moments. They need to feel this love, knowing that it serves as a cushion in their times of trials and triumphs.

2. Laughter, The Daily Dose: A day without laughter is truly a day wasted. It’s the medicine that eases stress and forges memories. But remember, while it’s essential to laugh with your child, it’s equally important never to laugh at them.

3. Active Empathetic Listening: Paying genuine attention to what your child says can pave the way for deeper bonds. Even amidst pressing tasks, pause and listen. It conveys to them that they are valued and important, laying the foundation for mutual respect.

4. Being Their Guiding Mirror: Children, with their keen observational skills, learn more from what they see than what they’re told. Your actions, words, and even silences become lessons. So, be a reflection of the values and virtues you wish them to inculcate.

5. Revel in Shared Learning: The joy of parenthood is also in the learning. Embrace your child’s perspectives, indulge in their joys, and even in shared responsibilities. It brings a unique dynamism to the relationship, making both the parent and child grow.

6. Constructive Discipline: This doesn’t equate to punishment. It’s the art of guiding your child towards responsible behavior, ensuring they understand why certain behaviors are encouraged, and others are not. Including them in decision-making further reinforces this understanding.

7. Cherishing Family Time: The gift of time is invaluable. Shared meals, walks, or simple household chores done together not only strengthen bonds but also become cherished memories. In giving time, messages of love, value, and importance are inherently conveyed.

8. Journey of Parenthood: Every phase comes with its challenges. Yet, amidst these, lie the joys, learnings, and moments worth cherishing. The belief you instill in your child today will shape their belief in themselves tomorrow.

As we journey through parenthood, it’s essential to recognise and cherish the subtleties. Every giggle shared, every tear wiped away, every word of encouragement, and every moment of patience contribute to the tapestry of your child’s life. As a teacher, I’ve had the privilege of seeing how these bonds, nurtured at home, reflect in the classroom and beyond. It’s the everyday moments, the simple acts of love, and the unwavering belief in your child that leave an indelible mark. Embracing these moments not only strengthens the bond with your child but also shapes their worldview, self-esteem, and resilience. Remember, in the ever-evolving journey of parenting, it’s not about achieving perfection, but about being present, understanding, and loving. Because at the end of the day, through the eyes of your child, nobody does it better than you.

About the author: Bhaswati Hazra is a passionate teacher whose first love is teaching. She has been mentoring and guiding children for the past 26 years and has taught in the pre-primary department in Bethany for over 17 years now.


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