Parent Letter of Appreciation (Bethany Professional Childcare)
October 17, 2023
Bethany Institutions

Dear Teachers,

This is a long overdue email from my side and I apologise for not getting to this earlier.

Wanted to send this shout out to all the teachers of BPC and the staff and management of Bethany for making our journey so smooth this year.

Online classes for kids at such a tender age are very challenging, however, the slow, steady and patient approach followed by the teachers to integrate the students is highly commendable. I can see the massive change in Yashvi, from the time when she started last year, with initial days beginning with words “No class” to shushing us these days, at signs of slight interruption during her class!

We understand the effort and thoughtfulness with which each lesson is planned. We also appreciate the empathetic outlook of the teachers who understand the difficulties faced by parents (esp. when both are working) and making sure that the activities are planned using widely available materials at home with ample notice period to gather them. Thank you so much for planning fun filled activities throughout the year!

In the race of social media, where many educational institutions are heavily bent upon showcasing their competitive edge, I feel Bethany stands tall with its values and legacy. We are proud to be a part of the Bethany family.

It is a joy to see Yashvi grow and learn so much this year! We look forward to another year of collaboration with Bethany!

Many thanks,


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