Letters Of Appreciation – Music Dept.
October 18, 2023
Bethany Institutions

Music Classes
– Good Morning Mam!! Came to know about the govt.decision to stop the classes..we all are feeling very sorry and worried for  all the hard work done by you teachers should not be wasted.by attending just one day offline classes we were so amazed and thrilled to see the level of hardwork put by you teachers for our kids. kids were also very excited to see few of their old techers music-deepu sir and kannada -madhavi mam. I really wish and pray government changes it’s policies and allow the classes to resume.we don’t know yet the teachers of std 1 personally..we know who our kids class teachers but would request you if you are in contact with them please convey our heartful thanks not only to them but all the teachers including you. we are very thankful for having such good teachers🙏🏻🙏🏻.
(Parent, PPD)

– Respected Madam,
I would like to🔥 share with you the feedback regarding online classes.
To be honest,Anika and I havent completed all the classes up to date.However I tell you,it is still such pleasure to go through the classes .The efforts that the teachers are putting to get all things together is worth applauding.
The dedication and the sheer joy of being able to teach is evident in the videos and somehow the good vibes flow through and reach the kids and us parents too.
Ana in particular loves to get on to the classes to watch Sumi Ma’am’s beautiful sarees,Ramya Ma’am’s easy quick ways to remember number classes , Kannada Ma’am’s “Makkale” and Hindi teacher’s “Hey Bhagwaan ” song. My chubby baby is a little lazy to Shane Sir’s movement class but does her best when I tell her Shane Sir is watching. She also thoroughly enjoys music classes and gives us gyaan on “Bocal” (vocal) practice. All in all , they remain connected to the essence of school and it keeps me going through this tough phase. I appreciate all that is being done ,with a few glitches here and there but I also remember “to err is human”.I think this year and the next the teachers and parents need to be supportive because the ultimate motive for both of us is the “Child”.
Thank you for the continued effort .It is Huge and no amount of appreciation can match the love and warmth that goes into your teachings.
(BJSII Parent)

  • Just to say a good word about Prem😊so super prompt and such nice videos 👏🏻👏🏻
    (HOD, BPCC)

– Awesome !!!!! Almighty hand of God using you and your music dept.
(Dr. Robert, President, Bethany Education Board)

– Excellent job Mallika, Chris, Mahantesh & other high school staff. Along with Saroop, yasmin & the music dept. wonderful initiative, great platform for talent (even during this difficult time) & I thought very good advice was passed on to the kids. Bravo 👏 👏
(Dr. Akash Ryall, Director, Bethany Institutions)

– A big thank you to Saroop & the music dept. at bethany
(Sangeetha Macaden, Headmistress)\

– The service was like a beautiful journey. Thank you  🙏🙏🙏🙏. Blessed!

  • Dear Mr. Akash, Robert and the entire Bethany family…
    At the outset.. A Blessed Founder’s Day to every Bethanite.
    It was such an honor and pleasure to witness and be a part of the beautiful service this morning. It did bring out the sacrifice of the most dedicated and gracious Lady Founder.
    The music dept. in bethany is just fantastic. Each member is highly talented and we could see the hard work that had gone into bringing out an outstanding service.
    The Guest Speaker in his message was powerful in bringing out The WISE foundations of Jesus Christ. A great tribute to the Founder of this institution. Having worked in Bishop Cotton Boys’ and Ebenezer International School, announcing about the Mignon 5 aside is so fresh in my mind. May her legacy continue to grow.
    Here’s wishing each one of you a successful future.  TESTED, TRUSTED, TRIUMPHED …
    Indrani Sudarshan
    (Parent – Educationalist)

  • I was truly blessed by today’s service. Really loved the message by Rev Ashok.
    W – Will – Not my will but God’s will
    I – Industrious (determination and hard work)
    S – Serve (to serve and not be served)
    E –  Exalt (Our very purpose and desire should be to exalt  the Lord).
    May God help us as individuals and as a department to grow to be more like Jesus and exalt Him in all we do. God bless🙏🙏

  • Music Dept. of Bethany, you were amazing as always!
    I second that… i was mesmerized..  and so peaceful after the worship… 😊🙏🏻🙏🏻
    (Parent, LEAP)

Online Carnival
– Principal’s from India, Greenview and other international schools have sent comments that they don’t think any School in INDIA would have even attempted something like this!!!
(Dr. Akash Ryall, Director, Bethany Institutions)

– Hats off for the meticulous planning, wonderful preparation and perfect execution.👌👌Great teamwork, (though done from different corners)  (all who were involved including kids, music dept, teachers)and inspiring leadership –  Akash Sir and Robert Sir.

  • 👌👌👌Superb show Team Bethany. Hats off to Saroop sir and team .Akash sir our Rock star and Robert sir. (Parent)

  • I really appreciate the effort & the Team work that made Carnival possible.👏👏👏

  • Wow wow wow Bethany Family… words fail me this time and it’s so difficult to express our happiness and our pride to have witnessed such an awesome program this evening. Was it 5 hours!!!!!
    Every child was just marvellous and their talent just superb. Their unique qualities brought together on one platform could have been possible only through stalwarts like you. MR. AKASH RAYALL, MR. ROBERT KHEIN and MRS SHANTI RAVINDRAN hats off to each one you as I know what has gone behind the scenes being there myself … sometime ago!!
    As always … your music department is just outstanding. But for their efforts, an evening like this would not have been possible. A word of appreciation to the staff as well. Every department and various branches of the School were just fantastic. Good unity and commendable job.
    The pride of Bethany …the Alumni …your link with your Alma Mater can never be severed.
    As we have entered the season of Christmas, thanks for sharing what makes one understand the value of life and to count our blessings.
    Season’s Greetings to all at Bethany
    Indrani Sudarshan
    (Parent – Educationalist)

Valedictory 2021
– Ma’am, the performance of the choir was super brilliant this evening. We appreciate the efforts of the entire Music dept. at Bethany and the hard work that goes behind each event.
Our best regards and congratulations to the awesome team – Saroop Sir, Joel Sir, Deepu Sir, Jaebez Sir, Prem Sir, Vanessa Ma’am and you of course, Ma’am 💐💐
We loved the overall theme as well the priceless talks by all the guests too.
Thank you!
(Parent, Sarjapur)

Good morning sir,
Wanted to say thank you for the lovely show on Val’s, such a fabulous job. Congratulations to the whole music team. & especially the thought of having this program for the children. A big thank you as a parent. (Parent, High School)

Dear Saroop and all the members of the Music & the Tech team
Akash sir and I truly thank you for making the Valedictory function and the Baccalaureate service a very meaningful and vibrant one.  I’m sure everyone has been blessed in particular our students. Appreciate the thought and hard work put in to make the event successful. Wishing God’s blessings on each one of you.🙏 (Principal, Bethany High)

The Valedictory was a wonderful event and we enjoyed it virtually yesterday. The music was simply awesome. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Great work!
Also thanking you for all your efforts, wishes and prayers. You have made an impact on Ananiah and we are truly grateful for the same. God continue to bless and use you.
Thanks again,
Biju Jacob and Mary Abraham
(Parents, High school)

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