Letters of Appreciation – Bethany Professional Childcare
October 18, 2023
Bethany Institutions

Dear Teachers at BPC,

We would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the efforts taken by you. 😊

As you would have noticed, Neil is a very active and exploring boy, full of energy. It used to be very difficult to get his energy expended or get him distracted. Since the time he joined pre-nursery, we have observed a marked improvement in Neil’s development. Over the past 4 months, Neil has become accustomed to the concept of school, and it is gradually becoming an integral part of his routine. The videos and the activities have enriched his learning experience and also helps us to keep him occupied. Initiatives like “Show and Tell” has improved Neil’s ability to articulate things. Moreover, he has become more curious and assertive, and he makes it a point to ask questions whenever he doesn’t understand something.

There used to be a time Neil liked music classes over PT classes. Now, he has learnt to appreciate PT classes as well. We also join him in singing and for some PT. 😃

Though this year of online learning has been challenging for the parents, we really appreciate the way BPC has helped us adapt to the virtual way of learning. On a lighter note, we really hope schools will reopen soon and kids will have the opportunity to meet their friends and teachers in person and learn.

Thank you, Anita Ma’am, Maha ma’am, Sumi Ma’am, Shuba Ma’am and Rimple Ma’am. Neil will always be grateful to you all 😊



Ansa & Chris.

Dear Teachers,

Can’t believe that half the school year is over already and we’re into the second half! Just wanted to let you know that you’re all doing a great job and we appreciate everything that is being done for the kids despite the constraints with online learning.

We can see how far Ethan has come! I remember voicing my concerns that he just wouldn’t sit for class in the first week 🙂 .
Well, I still have that concern on and off but I see how much he’s improved from then to now! And he does sit longer than before. I had this thought in the beginning whether we should have held off on school this year but looking at the structured learning and the wide range of things you’ve been covering, I know we made the right decision starting him off with school although its just online.

The patience the teachers have is immense to manage these kids!!

I must say that Ethan loves all the activities that you have designed for them (all the more when it involves water).

Thank you.
Looking forward to more learning with Bethany

Catherine, Paul & Ethan

Bethany Professional Childcare is in a quiet neighborhood in Koramangala First Block. It is one of the many feeder schools, which form an integral part of the Bethany Institutions. The school has three Pre-Nursery classrooms and can accommodate fifteen children per class. The children who come here spend a year here before graduating to the “Big School” which is the Pre-Primary Department opposite the Koramangala police station.

The curriculum followed by Pre-Nursery is identical across the Bethany Institutions though the smaller classroom numbers allows the teachers to be a little more ambitious when it comes to the variety and complexity in activities. The little ones learn Literacy, Numeracy and Our World (EVS). Apart from these core subjects the children enjoy music and PE twice a week. Activities are a blend of the traditional play way and Montessori method. At the end of the year the child’s confidence levels are certainly a sight to behold.

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