Learning Enrichment Achievement Programme (LEAP)

A unique Special Education initiative 


In the true Bethany spirit of being there for every child’s learning needs, the LEAP was started in June 2016. Our magnanimous Director, along with the Bethany Management answered the call of a Bethany parent who is also a Special Educator and gave shape to a dream learning environment. Bethany Institution’s presence in Special Education spans the LEAP, the Resource Department and the Bethany Special School. 

The LEAP bridges the gap between mainstream school and a special school, catering to students with diverse learning needs which fall under mild to severe learning challenges. Since its inception, this programme has been impactful for students having ADHD/ADD, Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD), Global Learning Difficulties, at-risk IQ, Medical issues interfering in academic performance, to mention just a few. Bethany High and LEAP is routinely referred for students with learning difficulties by experts in the special education field. A student enrolled in the LEAP benefits from all the extra and co-curricular activities a mainstream school does along with all the benefits of a special education environment. 

The LEAP caters to students from Grade 5 to Grade 8. At the end of Grade 7, a student will choose between the ICSE stream or the preparatory NIOS stream based on a psychoeducational assessment. 

Some of the unique features of the LEAP are –

  • Small group teaching – learning.
  • Experienced Special Educators who are constantly investing in their professional development. 
  • Individual attention.
  • Access to the Parent Support Group which meets twice a year. 
  • Students can opt for ICSE subjects or subjects catering to the NIOS stream. 
  • Differential teaching methods.
  • Adapted academic curriculum and assessments.
  • Continuous Content-Skill-Activity based evaluations.
  • Dedicated classes & activities focusing on Life Skills & Behaviour modifications.
  • Lessons are planned keeping in mind the socio-emotional needs of the student. 
  • Academic content is imparted through multiple-intelligence methodology and multi-sensory approach.
  • Students work on projects which are catered to their current skill and capacity level.
  • Customized learning support material like reading sheets, worksheets, graphic organizers & mind maps.
  • Extensive use of computers and audio-video teaching material in classrooms.
  • Psycho-education and guidance to parents from pre-admission to post-completion of the Programme.
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy, behaviour therapy / modification / counselling 

These and other unique features of LEAP give a student with diverse learning needs a holistic and harmonious learning environment. The student is fully equipped to take on the next part of the academic journey with happy memories of LEAP and confidence.  

The LEAP is currently available in Bethany High, Koramangala Branch at no extra cost. A student enrolling in the LEAP pays the regular fees. 

Admission to the programme is subject to a structured admission process. You can get this information here by clicking the Criteria button below.

For enquiries, kindly contact us on 080 25532189 or school@bethanyinstitutions.edu.in

A word from our parents

We are new to Bethany but in my daughter’s short time here,  she has shown tremendous improvement in her personality and overall performance.  The best part is she looks forward to going to school every day. And last but definitely not the least she has only good things to say about all her teachers.  


– Bedwati Pani (mother of a Grade 8 student – 2023-24)

Catherine had been in LEAP since fifth standard. We, as parents, are very happy with the support that she has received from all the teachers in LEAP since the very beginning. She has received support not only in terms of education but also extracurriculars. The way all the teachers have nurtured her into this young confident girl, which wouldn’t have been possible if she was not in LEAP, we are truly very proud of her. 

All the teachers in LEAP were very caring, and always catered to her needs in ways which suited her the best.

The reading sheets and the methods in which the teachers taught were very good. 

No words are enough to thank all teachers. Very happy with everything. Thank you.

– Shuen Leing Hou (mother of a Grade 8 Student – 2022-23)

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