Bethany Junior College Koramangala – Preparing for Life

The Bethany Junior College is a reflection of the values and beliefs of our founder, it aspires to herald a smooth transition for young adults from High School to college.

This is how the Junior college sees its role for these youngsters:

1. To support and yet not to impose a value system that, provides guidance without stifling the enthusiasm and zest of a group that is raring to go!

2. To create space and opportunities for the various talents among the teenagers while catering to the requirements of a competitive ISC curriculum.

3. Prepare students for the world outside the classroom by organising interfaces with professionals, organising educational visits and participating in Inter College events.

4. The joy and equal opportunity to participate volunteer and even initiate events involving the entire school: The School Carnival, The School Musical and Talent Expos, to name a few.

5. Encourage and accommodate students seriously pursuing careers in Sports , the Fine Arts and so on by providing them a chance to- simultaneously explore various possibilities.

Advanced Learning Facilities

Smart Classrooms

Both fun and functional, our Junior College’s classrooms are equipped with high-tech smartboards that provide a unique learning space for all of our students. Classrooms make the best use of space and create the foundation for many happy memories for the students, bringing in a welcoming atmosphere with the well placed furniture. With a colourful notice board to keep students updated, Bethany ‘s classrooms are perfect to the T!

Our Labs

The labs at Bethany are practical (pun intended) and well equipped, designed to help students apply their learning. The Science subjects have their own labs which are spacious and safe, while the Computer Lab is equipped with the latest, updated versions of computers, MACs and other tech savvy widgets. Well lit and ventilated, the labs are a happy place to be in and to learn. With multiple exits in mind for safety and a plethora of equipment needed for a fun and educative practical, our labs are state of the art and quite simply the best!

Choice of Subjects

Junior College is one of the main arteries of Bethany that provides nourishment to thousands of young adults who leave the portals of Bethany, ready to step out into the world. The quality education they receive here and the values imbibed in them make them perfect citizens who add value to this nation and to the global community at large.
Some of the key features that make us unique and indispensable are:
We teachers enlighten our students through lecture-based instruction, technology-based learning, group learning, individual learning, inquiry and activity- based learning, which enable them to learn better and effectively. We at BJC have a healthy student teacher ratio. It is a student-centric campus with interactive boards in all the classroom making learning fun and meaningful.

We ensure holistic development for each and every student. The limited student-teacher ratio here, helps the teachers nurture the core values of Bethany in the students i.e. integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and loyalty. The evidence of which is seen in our alumni all over the world. They are actively involved in spreading this message and in helping the current students in their career choices.
One of our main attractions is the varied subject choices we offer, which cater to the interests and sensibilities of our students. Students join us from other leading schools in and out of Bangalore every year. We handpick our students with great care and love while ensuring that we offer opportunities and admissions to students with learning difficulties. Our students’ placements into the best colleges and universities in India and abroad testify to our care and love.
In addition to academics, we encourage our students to participate in all intercollegiate fests and competitions, helping the students learn to balance studies and co-curricular activities.
The exciting class assemblies, which use virtual and augmented reality purely by students, are an inclusive activity that brings out the best in each student.
JC hosts one of the leading inter-school events is the BJCMUN, which is based on public speaking and teamwork. This event is much celebrated in the Bangalore MUN circles and attracts over 340 delegates yearly. This experience and network help students learn organisational skills and teamwork.

In addition to academics, we encourage our students to take part in all intercollegiate fests and competitions, helping the students learn to balance studies and co-curricular activities…
The exciting class assemblies with virtual and augmented reality purely done by students is an inclusive activity that brings out the best in each and every student.
One of the leading Inter- School events JC hosts is the BJCMUN, which is an event based on public speaking and team work. This event is a much celebrated one in the Bangalore MUN circles and witnesses the participation of over 340 delegates every year. This experience and network helps students learn organisational skills and team work.

In addition, we see Bethany Junior College students’ lead participation in major school events like the Musicals, Carnivals and Bake-a-thon. We also have our very own IGNITE, an intra-college fest every year, purely organised and executed by our BSOs (Bethany Student Organisation).

One of our strengths at Junior College is our cordial relationship with parents and students. Parents are actively involved in the various activities here, from PTMs to Psychology practicals, Sports Day and early morning Walk to Fitness.

We conduct various activities/workshops to enrich our students. In the International Education Fair we organise every year, around 12 to 15 foreign Universities come to Bethany to guide our students on undergraduate courses and the admission process. Currently, we have four of our students studying in the US on full or partial scholarships.

Renowned for its unique blend of academic rigour, holistic development, and a nurturing environment, Bethany Junior College is consistently recognised as one of the best junior colleges in Koramangala, Bangalore.  

Career guidance talks for every stream are conducted regularly so that our students get a clear perspective on their career choices. On such occasions, parents are also invited as well. We involve our parents in every way possible and interestingly, we do get a good response from them.
We also invite our former students who are doing well in their respective fields to address our present students.
Overall, BJC strives to bring out the best in every student who enters our portal, and we strive to ensure that we send out a confident, positive, enthusiastic, supportive, determined young adult equipped to face the world.

To learn more or apply for admissions in the academic year 2024-25

To learn more or apply for admissions in the academic year 2024-25
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