Letters of Appreciation – Junior College
October 19, 2023
Bethany Institutions

We are very privileged to be associated with Bethany High . Not only academically but socially and mentally Bethany has always supported our children, Abhinav and Shreya M Reddy . If our children have grown up to be good citizens of the country it is because Bethany has taught them a lot of values . We have always been honoured to come across the teachers, students and staff of Bethany as they have always been very humble and cordial to us. The teachers of Bethany have been extremely friendly to our children and have been approachable at all times. We will always be grateful to Bethany which was the second home to our children.

Parents of Shreya

Sandhya Reddy &Madhusudan Reddy.

We are Carlin ‘s parents Niranjan and Serena would like to thank Akash sir, Robert sir and the entire staff of Bethany Junior College for the fantastic 2 years Carlin has been part of Bethany . A big shout out in praise for Mr. Pankaj and his team for ensuring that online classes were set to quickly and went on smoothly not interrupting the academic year for the students. Thanks to all the teachers for the extra effort they put in last year during the lockdown to ensure that portions were completed, exams conducted and the year went on flawlessly.

When Avishi joined Bethany, we were excited as well as apprehensive . Excited because we had heard so much good about the school and the faculty. Apprehensive because it would be a new environment for her at a critical stage in her academic journey. 2 years passed by so quickly. While the pandemic stole from the kids the bonding and fun of high school, the teachers and management of Bethany ensured that the kids did not loose out on the academics. Your commitment to the student’s development is phenomenal and we thank you for that.

Mr Umesh Rajgarhia.

Parent of Avishi Rajgarhia.

I am Mr Paul Asgar, my heart is filled with gratitude for the great love , gracious services and help we have received towards us as parents and our children . Above all Bethany has shown great care for the education and spiritual lives of our kids . I would like to thank Bethany from the bottom of my heart , on behalf of my family (Rebekah Paul , Isaiah Paul, Jeremiah Paul and Jamimah Paul) I don’ t have words to describe my gratitude and respect towards the school staff and management . We are so grateful for everything the school has done for us. Thank you Bethany and teachers for all your efforts.

Parent of Isaiah

Dear Madam,

This is Jagathpreethy, Parent of Thushara R Shenoi, an, outgoing student of grade 12.

I write this mail to express my deepest gratitude and endless appreciation for all the teachers at Bethany Junior College.

Two years back, when we decided to send our daughter to Bethany, it was with a lot of excitement, expectations and at the same time with lots of anxiety. Anxiety of whether she would be able to adjust here, will the teachers be approachable, will she make new friends, and so on . But as the days passed, all our anxieties vanished. It was as if she found a new home. The teachers were so friendly yet strict when needed, the best gang of classmates, so widely talented, the best of opportunities a student would wish for. First year at Bethany passed like a few moments, so fast, filled with activities like bakeathon, carnival, and many other events.

Then came the year 2020, the year that turned out to be special in all senses, to the whole world. It brought about another unseen side of Bethany in front of her as well as us. Parents were witnessing the transformation of offline classes to online. The dedication with which the teachers of BJC made this happen is commendable. The teachers never made the children feel that they were not in college.

The extent to which teachers have gone to keep the spirit of learning high is unimaginable. I have seen how Ms. Leena Jose Martin, the economics teacher , who was out of station due to some medical emergency, made sure her classes were never missed. She took all the pain of taking classes from the remote place, from the hospital, just for the betterment of her students. She is one among the whole team of teachers lead by Ms. Angeline, who dedicated themselves to encourage and help the students in their learning .

Salutes to all the teachers- Ms. Sunitha, Ms. Aruna , Ms Geetha Nittala and Ms Smitha Suresh. The pace at which they have adapted and upgraded themselves with the new technology in teaching is amazing. They have set an example. When my daughter was filling the college application for The Next genius foundation, all of them provided her with all the support, encouragement and required documents. It was such an enriching experience for her. Now my daughter is feeling so sad that her days at Bethany are coming to an end.

At this point, I wish to thank the Management of Bethany from the bottom of my heart, for doing everything possible to keep learning unhindered in the hard times.

I thank all the teachers; I know ‘thank you’ is not enough for expressing my gratitude to them for guiding our children and keeping their confidence high in these testing times.

I wish all the graduating students the very best for their future endeavors. They can never go wrong with such great teachers in their life.



Parent of Thushara.R

12 science

Student Name: Leah Valentina D’souza

Thank you to all the teachers of Junior College for taking care of my Leah . For your patience and perseverance in these testing times and for supporting the children through their difficulties. Without your support, it wouldn’t have been possible to pull through this year. Our children have grown stronger as individuals and mature to take on their future endeavors…thanks once again…from Ms.Louise Ann D’souza

Student Name: Parth Dinesh Basankar

Dear Michelle mam,

I take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in bringing Parth to this level. Bethany institution was a dream for Parth before the admission as it is a very famous institution in the neighborhood. For the past two years we are experiencing the same. First I would like to thank Mr. Ryall and family for building a strong foundation. Teachers are the main pillars of success of any educational institution. You are chosen meticulously and I as a parent can vouch for the same. Special thanks to Angie Ma’am for her continuous support. She took extra steps to help Parth. I am so grateful to her. Thank you once again.

Student Name: Sakshi Arvind Karandikar

Dear Head of the Department, Teachers and Members of Staff at Bethany,

We’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the entire Bethany team for their unwavering commitment to the students. Even through these difficult times, the teachers have risen to the challenge and conducted online classes successfully. Our daughter Sakshi has grown to her full potential with the help of her teachers, who have been helpful and encouraging. We truly appreciate the effort of all members of staff.


Arvind & Ashuta Karandikar

Parents of Sakshi Karandikar

Student Name: Yashvi Tejas Raval

I am very happy and fortunate that my daughter Yashvi Raval got selected for the Humanities stream at Bethany Junior College. It has been the best time for her for the last two years to be part of the Bethany family.

That school management is very supportive in all aspects and queries. Right from the admission process to the latest Valedictory functions, they have done all things with class and very well managed.

I would like to thank the all teachers of junior college for all the love and care extended to all the children. I would like to thank HOD Angie Ma’am and Michelle ma’am for their support and the efforts they have done for my daughter. Overall I feel very happy and fortunate that my daughter got to be part of the Bethany family. 🙏

Bethany’s management n teachers have always been supportive, patient, friendly, and approachable. The school has played a big role by embedding good life values in both my daughters. ☺️

Thank you

(Renuka and Ramesh – Parents of Titikksha Ramesh)

Bethany has always been a second home to Sahana.

We put Sahaana in Bethany not just for the extremely good faculty but also for the joyous environment.

Sahana always enjoyed every activity hosted by Bethany, right from class assembly to tuck shop.

Bethany also had the concept of decorating the bulletin board, which was a very interesting and fun-filled activity for the kids.

Bethany junior college, 11th and 12th was the best. She was provided with lot of opportunities and personal attention was given to her by every teacher.

I as a parent would say that BJC had the most qualified teachers.

More than teacher they were mentors.

Thanks to Bethany for these amazing 13 years.

And yes; I would say that BJC is the best place for self-development and for students to prepare themselves to face the bigger world.

(M. Shanthi – Parent of Sahaana S)

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