Its Never Too Late To Follow Your Dream: The Story Of Mr.Santosh John
January 08, 2024
Bethany Institutions

I have been part of the Bethany family now for the past 30 years. Both my sons have graduated from this institution. Working here all these years has taught me many things. My passion for running and participating in Marathons started here. I was in my mid-fifties, I decided to participate as a parent in the Annual Road Run held
in 2012 at Bethany that is held every year in the month of August. The Bethany parents have a 4.2km run. I completed it and was in the top fifteen. The thrill I felt when I completed the run was unbelievable. I decided t0 take it up as my hobby and started running 4days a week. Every morning, I start my run at 4.30am and finish it by 6.30am. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, I cover 15 to 20km. On Saturday’s, I do a long run covering 30 to 40km and finish by 9am. On Sunday’s, I cover 10km. Hence totally 60 to 90 km in a week. This regular habit of mine has helped me to build endurance and stamin that has helped me to participate in various races in a few states in India. I feel that it is never too late to start something new. If you want to try to do something do it and the exhilaration you feel when you have achieved it is unbelievable. It’s just getting up early and putting your running shoes and going as far as you can. Slowly you develop speed as month’s go by. The endurance and stamina that I built has helped in my life too. It has given me the impetus to go on irrespective of the obstacles in my path. I was hospitalized in Narayana Hrudalya for two weeks for H1N1 and again in Narayana Hrudalya for COVID for two weeks and for three weeks for recovery at home. Lying there in the hospital bed was not a good feeling, but at that moment my survival instinct to complete the race kicked in and my strong will to get better. Its then I realized that every sport has a direct link to life. Sports teaches us subtle lessons and we have to grasp what is taught and implement i in our daily life to make it meaningful. I urge everyone to take up a sport that you like, age is just a number. Build your stamina slowly and enjoy the triumphs in the end.
Here are a list of few races/ Marathons, I have participated over the years.
Race Distance Timing City
1) Thump-Lifeiscalling 10km 47.56 minutes Bangalore
2) Hyderabad Marathon 42.195km 4hrs. 35minutes Hyderabad
3) Delhi Half Marathon 21.0175 1hr. 52minutes Delhi
4) Bengaluru Marathon 42.195km 4hrs. 30minutes Bangalore
5) Thump 30km 3hrs. 56minutes Bangalore
6) Mumbai Marathon 42.195km 4hrs. 19minutes Mumbai
7) Bangalore Sports Foundation 50km 6hrs. 19minutes Bangalore

Mr. Santosh John
Mathematics Teacher
High School


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