How Bethany Is Striving To Be One Of The Most Secure Schools In Bangalore
December 02, 2022
Bethany Institutions

In this day and age, the safety of our children within school premises can no longer be taken for granted.  Schools need to be vigilant, just as parents need to take extra precautions at home, in their neighborhoods, playgrounds etc. The Bethany management has made a concerted effort to ensure that this is so.  CCTV cameras have been in all campuses, in the high school classrooms, the corridors, the playfield, entrances into the campuses and other vital locations. There are a few reasons why Bethany is one of the most secure schools in Bangalore.

In addition, staff members are on duty during the breaks to monitor the children.  Male staff patrol the areas in and around the school premises at the start and end of school, when children are coming and going.  All male staff have undergone a police verification.  The school uses both male and female security guards.  There is a female physical education teacher who is on the field when the children are at play.

Bethany buses also use cameras and are GPS-enabled.  There is a female attendant who accompanies the children on every bus trip.  Drivers undergo a police verification as well as regular medical and eye check-ups.

All children, teachers and staff wear ID cards and are not permitted to enter the premises without identification.  Parents, helpers and drivers who come to pick up children also have ID cards.   If a child has to leave during the day, a special gate pass is issued that is signed by the class teacher and HOD.  Visitors are not permitted to enter the premises without noting down their details and wearing a visitor badge.  A new Administrative block was created with a separate entrance.  This has greatly reduced the traffic of visitors, vendors and other people into the main school building confirming it’s reputation as one of the most secure schools in Bangalore.

Children are not allowed to be alone in the classrooms.  They wait together in the field both in the mornings and at the end of the day.  Teachers accompany children when they go to other classes such as dance, music or to the labs.

In case a child is sick or has been injured and cannot be cared for in the school infirmary, they are taken in school transport to Acura hospital after informing the parents.  Parents are strongly discouraged to send their children when they are unwell to ensure that we have a healthy environment in the school.

The Bethany management has always been very open to suggestions from parents to improve on the safety measures and continuously work towards maintaining its reputation as being one of the most secure schools in Bangalore.


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