Bethany Institutions Digital Classroom Code of Conduct

All Bethany Institution (BI) students who participate in a BI conducted online instruction or digital curriculum (“Digital Classroom” or “DC”) shall abide by this Code of Conduct (CoC) in addition to the Discipline Code set out in the BI Student Handbook (“Handbook”), as applicable and/or as modified to the context of the Digital Classroom. The Safe Digital Policy in the Handbook is modified by this CoC.

This year BI is embarking on a new journey of online learning. In this journey we request students, parents, teachers and staff to support us in making the Digital Classroom a safe, efficient, enriching and happy experience for all of us. We especially appreciate partnering with parents to teach responsible online use and etiquette so that we make this fun and fulfilling.

In order to help achieve the BI decorum and standards of learning in the classroom, there are additional rules and expectations regarding online etiquette in place in order to protect all students and all staff members.

Please review carefully and adhere to the following Core rules and expectations:

1. Be Punctual. Log-­‐In 2-­‐5 mins ahead of the commencement of the class/session. Check for internet outages, technical problems beforehand. It is just like attending school physically. Do not leave a commenced session without permission of the teacher. Repeated violations will be subject to disciplinary action.

2. Attendance is mandatory. In case the student is unable to attend a session, the reason for absence must be intimated via email from the parent prior to the session, to the HOD/Coordinator in charge. Parents mobile numbers and email addresses must be sent in the mail.

3. Students are responsible for proper behaviour during the Digital Classroom sessions and while using the BI online learning systems. Always use your digital access (computer/system) in a way that shows consideration and respect and in conformance with the Discipline Code set out in the Handbook.

4. Attire should be appropriate. You must dress respectfully and modestly.

5. Security and Safety is a high priority AND individual responsibility, especially when the system involves many users. If you identify a security and/or safety problem in the school’s computers and/or online platform, notify your teacher as well as ‘name’ at ’email’.

6. Protect your passwords. Keep it secret from anyone except your parents.

7. It is illegal to compromise the security of the Digital Classroom or school online platform; Do not attempt /participate in any unauthorized access of a school online resource, share your access with any person without the authorization of the school, introduce any virus or other harmful code or use any gadget other than the authorized computer to attend a Digital Classroom session.

8. Complete homework/assignments and submit them within allocated deadlines. This will be graded and reported in your Report Cards.

9. We take integrity and authenticity of student work very seriously. Do not cut, copy, or plagiarize internet content or the work of your classmates. Copying, knowingly allowing others to copy from you, and/or misusing Internet content will result in disciplinary action.

10. Bullying and Harassment will be not be tolerated and be subject to strict disciplinary action.

Instructions and Etiquette

Please be guided by the following instructions and etiquette to help in achieving an orderly and efficient Digital Classroom experience.

– Be well prepared – Follow your time table and make sure that you have all study material, text books, note books, rough books and stationary handy prior to each session. Make sure your gadgets and devices are charged, camera is stable, your audio and microphone works.

– Choose a conducive learning space -­‐ Use a setting/space that is quiet and free from noise and disturbance. We advise that headphones are used to ensure audio clarity and avoiding distractions.

– Connect with the Class -­‐ Once the session commences, ensure that the video is ON or at the request of the teacher turned OFF. Keep the microphone on mute till requested to be turned on or if you are asked to interact.

– Make it Orderly -­‐ Use the Raise Hand icon to ask a question and clarify your doubts. Respect each other and maintain class decorum. Do not interrupt a speaker and speak clearly.

– Learn with interest -­‐ Pay utmost attention and cooperate with the teachers.

– Focus and be respectful -­‐ Breaks will be provided between sessions. Avoid eating food/snacks during the session. You are free to sip water during the sessions and keep a water bottle handy.

Behaviour that would entail Disciplinary Action

Below are examples of poor behaviours that are prohibited, but are not limited to this list.

– Sending or posting discriminatory, hate-­‐speech, slanderous, disparaging, frivolous, harassing, or threatening messages, emoticons, images, video/audio clips or any other electronic file/element.

– Stealing, using, or disclosing someone else’s code or password without authorization.

– Copying, pirating, or downloading software and electronic files without permission.

– Sending or posting confidential material, or proprietary information.

– Violating law or engaging in unauthorized transactions that may incur a cost to the school or initiate unwanted internet services and transmissions outage.

– Participating in the viewing or exchange of pornography or obscene materials.

– Sending or posting messages that defame or slander other individuals.

– Attempting to break into the computer system of BI, another organization, or person or jeopardizing/compromising the security of BI’s systems.

– Refusing to cooperate with a security investigation.

– Using the BI Digital Classroom, computers, online education platform/system for any purpose other than the online learning. Students should not use BI Digital Classroom for any political causes or activities.

– Sending anonymous e-­‐mail messages.

– Disturbing the virtual learning environment of BI’s Digital Classroom.

– Engaging in any other illegal activities.

– Refusing to follow the rules of the specific Virtual Learning Classroom.

– Attendance, Punctuality violations.

– Unmuting yourself when your teacher has placed you on mute.

– Recording any class session and transmitting it.

– Recording your teacher and/or classmates.

– Not dressed properly for class (examples: dressed in revealing clothes, dressed in clothes with inappropriate sayings).

– Participation in Cyber bullying and/or Harassment and any conduct that violates BI’s Bullying and Harassment Policy.

– Delayed submission or non-­‐submission of assignments.

– Cheating and/or Plagiarism.

No Bullying and No Harassment Policy

BI is committed to maintaining a working and learning environment in which students, faculty, and staff can develop intellectually, professionally, personally and socially. Such an atmosphere must be free of intimidation, fear, coercion and reprisal.

We are committed to protecting students and employees from bullying, harassment or inappropriate uses of computers or programs to participate in bullying or harassing behaviour.

Bullying and Harassment is prohibited between members of the school community, including between students, parents, faculty and/or staff, directly or indirectly. BI follows a zero tolerance policy towards bullying and harassment consistent with applicable law.

It is an expectation that all students and employees shall use all equipment and programs for the intended educational purpose alone. Bullying and Harassment will not be tolerated and shall be just cause for disciplinary action.

Conduct that constitutes bullying or harassment, as defined herein, is prohibited. Bullying, harassment, and cyber stalking are defined as inflicting physical or psychological distress, and/or communicating words, images or language using electronic or other communication means that causes emotional distress and for which there is no legitimate purpose. Any action by a student or parent deemed inappropriate will be fully investigated by the appropriate BI school administrator and acted upon in accordance with the BI Discipline Code in the Handbook.

Parents, as partners in supporting student learning, you are encouraged to:

– Monitor their progress periodically.

– Ensure that your child’s work is authentic, honest and original.

– Report any suspicious activity, bullying and harassment.

– Allow for your ward to learn during the Digital Classroom session on their own. If you have any suggestions, take it up in the PTA sessions.

As a parent/guardian, it is very important to understand the responsibilities associated with that role. With the many distractions students have today, it can be difficult for some students to set aside time to work on courses when not in school. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to encourage the student to manage their time in an effective way.

Teachers will keep the parent/guardian apprised of the student’s progress and will initiate contact if they fall behind in their coursework. Parents are expected to supervise and monitor their student’s progress throughout the duration of the course, just as you would in a regular learning setting.

Parents/Guardians should support Academic Integrity. You should encourage original and honest work and not assist them during tests/quizzes.

You may contact your child’s teacher directly via email to answer questions about the course that you may have. When a parent/guardian has a concern about the child’s performance or behaviour, the parent/guardian should set up a conference with the child’s teacher.

After reviewing this Code of Conduct, please complete your Code of Conduct Acknowledgment via the link provided here:

Thank you

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