BSR – Bethany Social Responsibility

Our founder Mrs Mignon David had the highest standards of service towards the lesser fortunate. Today, her legacy still carries on amongst her family and friends in Bethany. Bethany has its DNA rooted deep in service towards mankind. Our vision statement ‘to impart education without discrimination’ was created to serve every child irrespective of caste, creed or sex.

We’ve taken our service at Bethany beyond education. We aim to build an atmosphere of a big united family, and families look out for one another. We’re always on the lookout for the well being of our children, their difficulties socially, their families, our staff and even our retired teachers.

We’ve coined the term BSR (Bethany Social Responsibility) to represent our initiatives and action towards the less fortunate in life. Some of our initiatives include The Bethany Family Fund, The Helper’s Fund and The Bethany Special School. Click on each of the tabs if you would like to learn more about these funds and how it benefits over 200 families and individuals.

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