7 Reasons Why Bethany Has The Best School Teachers In Bangalore
September 12, 2022
Bethany Institutions

Nowadays, children need more and more attention in classrooms to help them progress further in their studies and all-round behavioral growth. It is becoming increasingly important that a child has exposure to the best scholarly environment possible, equipped with good teachers. Thus, it is important to make sure that the individuals who are constantly teaching your child new things every day are the best they can be. You may think it’s hard to find the best school teachers in Bangalore, but one need not look further than The Bethany Institutions spread across the City of Bangalore! With over 600 teaching and non-teaching staff, the students at Bethany are well-cared for and here are some of the reasons why they stand out.

#1. Highly qualified

The staff at Bethany are trained with at least three to four years of experience and are required to have a B.Ed. This includes every teacher from the primary department onwards, however, ISC teachers are required to have post-graduate degrees as well as to ensure the best learning for your child. Bethany also has a development program that includes regular staff meetings as well as training sessions. These are held department wise for maximum efficiency. All the teachers are well-qualified and have a wide range of skill sets in order to ensure quality teaching for the children of Bethany. It is one of the main reasons why they are the best school teachers in Bangalore.

#2. Innovative methods of teaching

The teachers at Bethany each have their own unique styles of teaching. No teacher teaches in the same way but they always make sure that every child in the class is able to understand the material taught with ease. Some teachers use the art of storytelling to communicate to the students while others lecture to the point. Sometimes students are asked to read and explain to their peers or even act out the material in certain classes. Teachers also use tools like PowerPoint and online material to supplement the textbook notes so that the students can have a wide range of material to imbibe information from. These are the best school teachers in Bangalore for a reason.

#3. Attention

Teachers all have one goal in common – to both command attention as well as to pay attention. The teaching staff at Bethany make sure every single student understands what is being taught and they regularly pause teaching to check if anyone has any doubts, which are then clarified. At the same time, they also make sure all the children are fully attentive in class and some teachers even keep the class active by asking questions and interacting with the students during lessons.

#4. Personal responsibility

Teachers take it upon themselves to ensure that their students rise up to their maximum potential. Words of encouragement, as well as lessons of wisdom, are continuously bestowed upon the students whenever needed. Teachers help students with their difficulties and offer extra advice if asked. It is important for teachers to know their students personally and to keep themselves as approachable as possible. Fortunately, we only work with the best teachers in Bangalore.

#5. Care factor

The teaching staff at Bethany also have another special factor aside from their knowledge and experience – they are very caring towards the children and treat them as their own. This includes both disciplining them properly as well as gently advising them on certain matters. The female teachers are motherly towards the students and this care factor is important for students to grow in the right environment. Learning becomes easier if the student-teacher bond is strong. Students are always welcome to approach the teachers with any problems they have and the teachers always provide help when they can. Encouragement and support are two things one can always rely on a teacher for.

#6. Special school

The special school at Bethany is equipped with wonderful teachers who have special training and skills to deal with anything that comes their way. The children are extremely well cared for and are treated in such a way that they are able to develop and grow at maximum ease. The special school teachers dedicate their time to making sure every individual child is able to grow in a comfortable environment. They are specially trained and have individual charts and progress reports of the children so that they can excel in what they like doing best.

#7. All round learning

The classroom is a place of learning and growth not only academically but also as individuals. The staff at Bethany make sure that there is overall development in every single student. Lessons are taught to the students about values and the teachers lead by example. Students are disciplined gently and are encouraged to always be the best they can be. Teachers at Bethany make sure every child is involved in the class assemblies and that they are kind to their peers. Academic excellence is not the only criterion for a good Bethanite, it is also the personal development which is ensured by the best school teachers in Bangalore.

Bethany High is a special place for a child to grow and learn in and the teaching staff at Bethany are crucial to the positive growth of the children who study there. Every teacher is valued by the school and its students and their dedication and commitment to their jobs are fully seen in the performance of the children. It is crucial for a child’s learning environment to be as comfortable and nurturing as possible. Both behavioral and academic growth are spurred with the support of a good teacher, and these are readily available if you look in the right places.


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