“A Journey Worth Remembering” by Arshia Ronald
October 29, 2023
Bethany Institutions

“Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree, it’s about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life.”

When I look back and think of school, so many memories come flooding my mind. The fancy dresses, sports days, picnics, field trips, activities, musicals, and carnivals.

I’m so grateful to have studied in one of the best schools ever because Bethany isn’t like any other ordinary school. It is like a family and a second home. When you walk into the school, you feel welcomed and loved immediately.

The teachers and staff members are very helpful and encouraging. They have helped shape every individual into a wonderful person. They are always there when you need guidance and will help you till you get better and encourage you to do your best in everything. They always hope for the best and make sure you give your 100 percent and will pick you up when you fail and push you to do even better. They are amazing role models and we all look up to them. They teach us values to be independent and confident. They are friendly and kind and you can always go to them for anything. Our Director and Principle are remarkable supporters too and are very friendly and I’m sure no other school has such wonderful staff members and teachers.

Every alternate year our school has a carnival and a musical during December. They have wonderful colourful carnivals which always have exciting themes like Back to the ’70s, Africa, India, and Rodeo, etc. The carnivals are fun because we get to have a lot of fun time with our friends, play exciting carnival games, go on the rides, have delicious food, and the best part is that all the money spent is to help a good cause, which is for the Bethany Special School and Family Fund.

I absolutely love the musicals and over the years we have had over many successful musicals. The musical allows students to discover and showcase their talents. Everyone encourages us to dance, act and sing and these musicals have helped me and many others to conquer our stage fright and be more creative and confident. These musicals have taught us so many things and overall, we have made many memories and friends and pushed ourselves to become better. Our school has a wonderful choir and has been privileged to perform at the National Center of Performing Arts in Mumbai and even at the Singapore International Choral Festival held in Singapore where we won the Silver medal in our category. My experience going to Mumbai and Singapore was overwhelming as we were trained by our amazingly talented  music teachers. We learnt a lot of new things and were able to show our talent and met many people from different countries and choirs and had workshops together which helped us grow as a person and choir.

I am forever grateful to Bethany for giving me the best 13 years of my life, the memories, nurturing me, shaping me, teaching me values, which I promise to carry for the rest of my life and for preparing me for the next chapter of my life and for being my constant support.

Arshia Ronald
Class 10D
Bethany High


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