Bethany Junior School in HSR Layout: What stands out!

Teacher: “Good morning my dear!”

Child: “I missed you, ma’am”

One of those typical re-affirming mornings at our school invariably begins like this on most days!

The answer, my dear readers, is straightforward and simple! It’s our children who think and know that Bethany Junior School 2 is the right choice for them because their school makes them SO HAPPY DAY IN DAY OUT!

Apart from the absolute warm and caring atmosphere, if you are wondering what else makes our children want to come back to school, morning after morning, video below will let you take a glimpse of all that we have in store for our children for a super wholesome development at Bethany Junior School 2 in HSR layout!

Here’s a short video of what life in BJS2 looks like and associated activities:

Together as a team, planting seeds that grow forever!

JOY …. A SENSE of BELONGING and NEVER A DULL MOMENT is certainly not an exaggeration at Bethany Junior School 2 for children and teachers alike!

And if you’d like to visit our children’s little kingdom for a personal experience of all that we do at Bethany Junior School 2, then please drop by at –

Bethany Junior School 2

173, 14th Cross Rd,
Sector 6, HSR Layout,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Phone Number – 080 2572 3198

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