FAQs General Admission Criteria – Bethany ISC
October 19, 2023
Bethany Institutions



  • Science stream   90% and above
  • Commerce stream 85% and above
  • Humanities stream 80% and above, respectively.

Students should have scored 80% and above for General English.


For pursuing the Science stream it would be advisable for the child to have an aptitude to broaden his/her horizon in the fields of pure science or applied sciences.

Students who want to pursue a career in science apart from engineering or medicine should be given priority.

They should be willing to do extra hard work, be consistent in their work, and be ready to follow the Bethany culture.

The cut off for ISC Math can be 80%, as students have project work ( worth 20 marks) to do from this year.

Those who are interested in logical, analytical, application-oriented thinking, and ready to practice sums every day should opt for this subject.  Students should have strong fundamental knowledge in Science.

Students who choose Biology should be good with diagrams. They should have a keen interest to learn Botany and Zoology.


For pursuing the Commerce stream it would be wise to give priority to those students who have taken Commerce in high school.

If the student is good in Math he/she would be able to understand and do well in Accounts and Economics.

Students who have secured exemplary scores in theory papers and who possess technical knowledge (basic understanding of PowerPoint presentation etc) can be considered for admission. It would be worthy to consider students who do well in quizzes, debates, and other literary activities. Those who are systematic and organized in their work will be able to perform well.


For pursuing the Humanities stream, students should understand that all the subjects included in it involve a lot of reading and writing as they are theoretical based subjects.

Students should be interested and be prepared to study on a daily basis. They have an edge if they are good with numbers. The ISC syllabus is vast yet if students are prepared to study regularly then they can perform well.

It would be good to consider students who do well in quizzes, debates, and other literary activities. Only those students who are genuinely interested and willing to work hard on a regular basis should be considered. While choosing Elective English as an option their score should be 90% and above for English Literature at the ICSE level.


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