Bethany High- COVID-19 Panel Discussion
October 17, 2023
Bethany Institutions

On Friday, Nov 19 2021, Bethany High hosted a session with a distinguished medical panel to discuss the present status of COVID-19 and the safety aspects of children returning to offline classes. Parents were allowed to attend it online or offline. The members of the panel answered all the questions that were put forth to them. They also gave valuable inputs to the parents in helping their children during the pandemic. Watch the video on the following link:

The panel members were:

1. Dr. Mohammed Taha Mateen – MBBS, MS, MD

– Chairman & MD Acura Hospital

– Leading diabetologist

2. Dr. Srikant V- MBBS | MS | DNB | FRCS | MCh

– Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery, Manipal Hospital

3. Jennifer Tavares BSc (Nursing), MSc (Psychology)

– Nurse, Counselor and Special Educator

The Director, Dr. Akash Ryall and the Principal, Mr. Robert Khin were also present to answer the queries of parents on the plans for reopening offline school in the COVID-19 climate.


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