Bethany Family Fund

“Helping Hands are those weave threads of joy in the hearts of sorrow”

The story behind the inception of the Bethany Family Fund! 

This incident took place in the August of 2008.
One afternoon, a girl in Bethany High didn’t have lunch! She stood in the corner of the corridor, with tears streaming down her cheeks. The Principal, Mr, Akash Ryall, who happened to pass by, noticed her tears. Along with a few senior teachers, he asked and questioned, probed and investigated.

The revelations were startling………
The child didn’t bring lunch because there was no food at home. She refused to share her friends lunch because her mother was home alone, and hungry. The mother and daughter had eaten their last meal two days ago! The child lost her father; she and her mother found themselves alone with no family and relatives to share their grief.

We were aghast! We got into immediate action!
The principal and the class teacher insisted that the child ate lunch at the canteen. They carried food home for her mom. To their shock and dismay, they found that the child lived in a ramshackle room and used a community tin shed as a restroom! The principal and a core group of teachers were disheartened and saddened. Do we live in a school (or a world) where we think everything is just right? Decent? Normal?

Action was the need of the hour!
Everyday the child was given breakfast and lunch in our school canteen and food was sent to her mother. Every night the watchman took dinner for them. The child’s mother was given gainful employment in the school and they were offered safe living quarters within the campus of the Bethany High Integrated Home and Hostel.

There was need for more action!
The Principal and the group of teachers carried out a confidential survey. How many needy students work and play in our school? How many students and their families need our support?
Sixteen families were shortlisted. Family visits were conducted to ascertain their requirements.

“Charity begins at home,” we said.
The Principal called a meeting of all the faculty members and narrated the child’s pathetic story. All the two hundred, strong staff of Bethany High were moved to tears and volunteered to help. Just as little drops of water make a mighty ocean, every teacher made a commitment on paper, stating the amount he or she is willing to contribute.

Next, the Principal called a meeting of parents…… thirteen parents turned up! This was a great start! Thirteen concerned parents! What a good start!

We told them about the child and our subsequent concerns and plans. We brainstormed, tossed ideas and this is how the Bethany High Family Fund was born.

Our plans began to take shape…
Schemes were drawn up to generate funds. Thus, after a fledgling start, our Family Fund grew…

To learn more or apply for admissions in the academic year 2024-25

To learn more or apply for admissions in the academic year 2024-25
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