Why Bethany High is Considered One of the Best All Round Development School in Bangalore
October 10, 2021
Bethany Institutions

In this article, we take a look at the details of why the Bethany Institutions is truly considered one of the best all round development school in Bangalore. Buckle up and join in on an exciting ride into the world of the Bethany Family! – A place where dreams are made.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education – Aristotle.

Ancient wisdom for sure but so relevant considering today’s educational scenario. A decade ago the term “school shopping” would have elicited a laugh but today the informed parent is spoilt for choice with a multitude of schools beckoning with high-end campuses and infrastructure, promising to make the child an Einstein or a Sachin Tendulkar. The social media adds to the pressure with parents comparing notes on which school does what better. The poor child is in the middle of the battle of the better school and is burdened with the immense pressure of living a super organized and “every evening a different activity” life.


With such a mind-boggling choice of schools what would make a parent pick a school like Bethany. To experience the amazing Bethany culture one has to belong to this extraordinary family. The alumni who return year after year to admit their little ones is proof that these ex-Bethanites too want their children to be encompassed in this beautiful enduring relationship that they have experienced.

The difference that is Bethany begins right at the school gate. How many schools can boast the fact that the school Director greets each and every child, teacher or support staff who passes through the gate with a fist bump…..a little gesture maybe but sending out a powerful message of respect and approval. Respect is a highly valued emotion at Bethany.

“Respect – give it to get it” was the theme for the year 2017-18. Not just a fancy phrase! Every year a meaningful theme is chosen after much deliberation and keeping in mind the need of the hour. Each theme more beautiful than the other. This theme weaves itself into all walks of the school life, be it the school almanac, the school calendar, its assemblies, the investiture and the final culmination- the valedictory.

Bethany High is a school steeped in history. Its origins began in tragedy but the outcome was love…..Bethany rose like a phoenix and stands proud and tall today. The founder Mrs. Mignon David, a woman whose courage and resilience in an unimaginable time of grief is no mean feat….it was akin to scaling a mountain whose summit was invisible. Her marble bust at the school entrance is a constant reminder to all those who pass that way that storms only make trees take deeper roots. Her legacy has been kept alive and taken forward by her daughter Mrs. E.H Ryall and her dynamic grandson Dr.Akash Ryall. This year the school will celebrate the founders 100th birthday. What a proud year for the Bethanites. In today’s times when loyalty is a fickle emotion being part of a school like Bethany instills a deep sense of bonding and love. An important factor in a child’s emotional development.

Each and every event in Bethany begins with the powerful school song “Trust and Obey” and no matter how many times one has sung it or heard it, it manages to evoke such a strong sense of pride in the heart of every Bethanite.

At Bethany High there is a genuine emphasis to have a school full of joyful children and if that happiness comes from giving them lesser homework or fewer tests so be it says the Director. The plethora of activities through the school calendar year may surprise a few but at Bethany, it’s the way of life. The official Facebook page of the school is proof enough of the plethora of activities through each and every one of its departments. Achieving a perfect balance between academics and extracurricular activities comes easily to the teachers of Bethany.

The way we treat our children directly impacts what they believe about themselves. The school is a child’s second home and at Bethany, we attempt to raise confident children. Right from the pre-nursery classes, the confidence-building begins. The little ones participate in the Choral Recitation programs wherein they sing and recite with such ease. This sets the stage for many more such forays into acting, singing, dancing and debating. A close ear is kept on these children who may finally join the school choir. A place in the school choir is a matter of great pride indeed it also teaches the child the art of juggling his or her academics with the rigors of practices…..definitely lessons for the real world.

The most important role of education at any level is to develop the personality of the individual and what better way to do this than by making him a leader. The solemn investiture ceremony sees smart students being sworn into the Bethany Student Organization, it is a wonderful means of imparting responsibility to children from a very young age. The BSO tag on the epaulette is taken very seriously and the diligence with which the student leader undertakes his or her duty shapes the child’s personality in a tremendous way.

Academics excellence is rewarded on the much-coveted prize days wherein children are recognized for the effort they have put into various subjects. But at Bethany children are also recognized for various other categories which are the non-academic categories, like reading, linguistic flair, and other innovative prizes. On prize day Bethany has a wonderful tradition wherein it invites the proud parents to do the honors.

The health of a school is directly proportional to the children in the playground….then Bethany is in fine form indeed. At any given time there are children involved in some form of sports or the other. Be it football, basketball, kabbadi or athletics. Sports plays an integral part in the school’s curriculum. The Sports Day is spread over three days and with morning and afternoon sessions, culminating in the high energy High School sports event.

The tone for serious study is of course set as the child moves to the senior classes but even that does not prevent a child of Grade 10 or twelve participating in the famed Bethany Musical.

Apart from the numerous activities most of which encourage one hundred percent participation, Bethany is known for its fantastic musicals and the fun carnivals. The musicals have played to full houses, Madagascar being the most recent feather in the cap. The carnivals, are a huge success too. Both the mega events which are held alternately are for a cause very dear to the Bethany family, raising funds for the Bethany Family Fund and the Bethany Special School.

The efficient running of the school is achieved with the Principal Mr. Robert Khin at the helm. A more affable Principal is hard to find. His amazing sense of humor and the ability to put anyone at ease is a rare quality. Children, parents and staff are free to walk in through his office doors to discuss, to complain or just to share a laugh. Mr.Khin’s association with Bethany goes a long way too. A Bethanite himself he returned to serve his alma mater as a teacher, a headmaster and now the Principal.

The happiness quotient across the Bethany institutions is high. The proof again lies in the fact that Bethany prides itself in its very low attrition rate of teachers. The reason is simple enough the teachers here are a supremely happy lot. Once bitten by the Bethany bug it’s difficult to leave they say. Every year on Founders Day celebrated on the 18th of November the teachers, staff and support staff are lovingly facilitated by the Director for the years they have given to Bethany. From ten to thirty years and still going strong.

Over the years Bethany has spread its wings. The Bethany Institutions now encompasses several feeder schools and a beautiful new campus in Sarjapur…..a campus so large that the mega carnival Bethany Dhamaka was held there with space to spare.

The Bethany Institutions have grown no doubt but its foundation is strong and rooted in prayer and constant gratitude to the Lord Almighty. The decision to enroll a child in this large but closely knit family is a step away from making a life-changing decision.

Let us then march boldly onward

With our colors shining bright

Courage high and looking forward

Trusting God and doing the right….


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