The Bethany High Art Department: Crafting Creativity, Shaping Visions

Imagination Meets the Canvas

Within the vibrant corridors of our Art Department, imagination is kindled, skills are honed, and the artistic visions of our students are brought to life. Our dynamic curriculum is designed to uncover and nurture the creative potential within each student, fostering an environment where classical techniques meet contemporary innovation. From the swirl of a paintbrush to the precision of a sculptor’s chisel, our students explore an array of mediums, guided by expert educators who are themselves practicing artists.

Here, art is not just a subject but a dialogue with the world, an expression of individuality, and a platform for change. We celebrate diversity in artistic expression, encouraging our students to develop a personal style that is as unique as their own fingerprints. Exhibitions, workshops, and collaborative projects serve as both a showcase and a testbed for emerging talent, preparing our students for a future where they not only master the arts but also lead its evolution.

All new art room

Bethany High is delighted to introduce the newly built art room with top-class facilities and talented teachers as a haven for creativity and artistic expression. This state-of-the-art space is designed to inspire and nurture the talents of budding artists, providing them with the tools and guidance they need to unleash their creative potential.

Students are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of artistic exploration and expression. With top-class facilities and talented teachers, it’s a place where creativity knows no bounds, and where the next generation of artists can flourish and realize their full potential.

Facilities: Spacious Layout: The art room is expansive, with high ceilings and abundant natural light that floods the space, creating an inviting and open atmosphere. The layout allows for various art forms to be practiced comfortably.

Art Supplies: Shelves stocked with a wide array of art supplies, including brushes, paints, charcoals, pastels, watercolors, markers, and more, are easily accessible to students. There are also organized storage units for students to keep their personal supplies.

Gallery Space: The art room features a dedicated gallery space to showcase student works and inspire creativity. This space can host art exhibitions, encouraging students to display their creations and gain exposure.

Art Exhibitions and Excursions

Art department organizes excursions to notable institutions & galleries like Chitrakala parishad. This enables students to interact with artists, famous artworks & explore their artistic sensibilities.

The Department organizes multiple Art exhibitions, giving students opportunities to showcase their talents & work.

Experienced Artists: The art room is staffed by a team of highly experienced and accomplished artists who have honed their craft in various art forms. They bring their knowledge and expertise to guide and mentor students.

Passion for Teaching: These teachers are not only skilled artists but also passionate educators. They are dedicated to helping students discover and develop their artistic talents, providing individualized instruction and support.

What makes us unique?

Bethany High aim to create a supportive environment during the art classes:

1. We foster a safe and encouraging atmosphere where children feel free to express themselves without judgment. Encourage their creativity and imagination.

2. We celebrate Achievements: Celebrate and display children’s artwork. Show them that their efforts are valued and appreciated, boosting their self-esteem and motivation.

3. Excursions: Art department organizes excursions to notable institutions & galleries like Chitrakala parishad. This enables students to interact with artists, famous artworks & explore their artistic sensibilities.

Our Curriculum

We follow the ICSE Fine Arts syllabus. There is no theory, just practicals so there is no pressure on students. If you integrate Art into a child’s academics , your child can derive additional benefits. Even if a parent feels their child doesn’t have the necessary skills, but is passionate towards Art, it is a skill that can always be learnt.

In classes 9 through 12, the department focuses on the ICSE syllabus consisting of Paper 1 Still-Life and Paper 2 Nature Study.

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