The Bethany Past Student Association (BPSA)

The success of a school is often defined by the success of it’s produce.

Welcome to the Bethany Past Students Association (BPSA). The BPSA is a community which collectively represents the school outside it’s premises, in professional work and social life. The members of this association are often referred to as ‘The BethKnights’. The term BethKnights was derived from the Knights in England that displayed tenacity and ferocity in battle but at the same time wore the highest respect in the core values and loyalty to their country. Our Knights at Bethany come with similar traits that compromise on nothing but the best.

The heart and soul of our institution

The remarkable BethKnights, where each student’s journey is a story waiting to be written. Bethany High is more than just a school; it’s a place where dreams take flight, friendships are forged, and futures are sculpted. Our hallways echo with the laughter of curious minds, the rhythm of youthful energy, and the promise of boundless possibilities.

As you learn more about us, you’ll discover the vibrant tapestry of experiences that define us. From academic excellence to artistic flair, athletic prowess to humanitarian endeavors, Bethany High empowers students to shine in every facet of life. We nurture the leaders, the thinkers, the creators, and the changemakers of tomorrow.

We’re ecstatic to say on behalf of the BPSA that over 10,000 graduates from the Bethany institutions have found great purpose and meaning in life spreading across both professional and personal growth. Every year we’re excited to welcome back many of our own that come to tell us how Bethany has blessed their lives. We are also excited to run this unit in a manner that’s dedicated to keeping the true essence of the school alive beyond just its physical boundaries.

Our goal with this association is to tap into the knowledge base of our alumni so that they may use their talents to inspire a new generation of upcoming stars. We strive to provide the highest standards of support and mentorship to the current students of the school by organizing guest lectures, tutors or even provide scholarships, internships, and job opportunities. Our association works towards the alumni creating and expanding community partnerships to better the academics and social upbringing of all the students at Bethany.

Our commitment to fostering holistic development, promoting diversity, and encouraging a spirit of exploration is evident in the countless success stories of our alumni. These alumni, or as we lovingly call them, the BethKnights, have gone on to achieve greatness and leave an indelible mark on the world.

At Bethany High, our most cherished return on investment (ROI) is the transformation and success of our students.” – Dr Akash Ryall – Director, Bethany Institutions

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Say Hi To The Team – 2023-25

The Bethany Past Students Association (BPSA) is a community which collectively represents the school outside its premises, in professional work and social life. 

Our current office bearers include: 

President – CV Ramesh

Vice President – Jim Roberts

Secretary – Vidya Rai

Secretary – Shikha Srivastava

Treasurer – Robert Khin 

Public Relations Officer (PRO) – Karan Agarwal

BPSA Team 1) Arhaanuddin 2)Pratik Sharda 3)Niki Benn 4) Daiti Baindur

5) Vijay Menon

The BPSA thrives on connection and camaraderie. We regularly organize a diverse range of engaging events throughout the year, from reunions that evoke nostalgia to professional networking sessions that foster growth. These events serve as vibrant platforms for our esteemed alumni to reconnect with old friends, forge new connections, and celebrate the enduring spirit of BethKnights. 

Connect With Us 

We’re always looking to hear back from our Alumni. Make sure you follow us and join in for the next big meet up. You can connect with us on: 

1. Whatsapp

2. Facebook 

3. Instagram 


Also, don’t miss out on watching the interview of the first student and Alumni of Bethany High School

The Annual Bethany Alumni Bash (May 24th) – Save The Date

The Alumni Reunion of 2023 was a monumental success, bringing together over 800 cherished Bethany High alumni under one roof. This remarkable gathering was a nostalgic journey down memory lane, a testament to the enduring bonds forged during school days, and a vibrant celebration of our shared legacy. The day commenced with a heartwarming assembly that resonated with echoes of the past, evoking fond memories of the school. As laughter and conversations filled the air, the canteen treats transported everyone back to their school days, igniting taste buds with beloved flavors.

In the evening, the grand celebration continued at Hotel Royal Orchid, where the true magic unfolded. With more than 800 BethKnights in attendance, the energy and excitement were palpable. Laughter, joy, and rekindled friendships were the order of the day as alumni from various batches connected and shared their life stories. The evening progressed with a delectable dinner that catered to all tastes and preferences, followed by music that set the tone for an unforgettable night of dancing and merrymaking. The dance floor came alive as alumni, young and young-at-heart, swayed to the beats, reliving their carefree school days.


The Alumni Reunion 2023 was more than just an event; it was a vibrant tapestry of memories, shared experiences, and the resounding success of Bethany High’s alumni community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who attended, making it a night to remember. It is the spirit of our alumni that keeps the Bethany High flame burning bright, and we look forward to more such joyous reunions in the future. Until then, the echoes of laughter and the dance of camaraderie will continue to resonate in our hearts. Thank you for being a part of this unforgettable evening!

To learn more or apply for admissions in the academic year 2024-25

To learn more or apply for admissions in the academic year 2024-25
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