The Primary department of Bethany High School consists of standard 2, 3, 4 and 5. We help our children gently transition from the pre-primary department to a more structured environment, in a positive and supportive atmosphere where learning is enjoyable. Academics are assessed, with limited portions, over 6 rounds of testing through the year. Students who need additional learning support are referred to the Learning lab or are helped by the teachers after school hours.

In addition to Academics, we ensure that our children get an all-round education. Dance and music classes, PE, club activities, computer classes, reading classes are a part of the regular time-table. Each child participates in the class assembly giving them an opportunity on stage. Students are taken on field trips that are both educational and give them a deeper understanding of the world we live in. Some of the recent field trips were to an old-age home and to the Bethany special school. Students are also taken on picnics annually which gives them a chance to have fun and bond with their classmates and teachers.

The teachers in the Primary department aim to affectionately and firmly prepare the children for the world that lies ahead of them.