The computer department at Bethany is dynamic and upgraded with the latest in technology to give the students a thrilling environment with a strong base in world class education in technology.

The computer application syllabus is exclusively and uniquely designed to suite the needs of modern day information technology. The students are taught how to use the basic tools on a computer to start with which then progresses to writing programs in Java.

The students over the course of time, learn skills from how to use Paint to Word processing to the usage and application of PowerPoint to Web-design to Basic and Advanced Java Programming and much more. Object Oriented Programming and Relational Database Management are taught as well. Online tests are conducted to assess the students’ Computer application skills.

Computers is offered as a board exam elective in the 9th grade and so far we’ve seen excellent results with our children even bringing back maxed out results in their examinations. The computer department is headed by Mr. Pankaj Choudhury, a veteran of 20 years in teaching computer applications to students. He is accompanied by a team of talented young individuals who also assist in bringing the best in computer application knowledge to our students here at Bethany.

Registration for admissions is open for the academic year 2022-23