Mrs. Bharati Ponnapa, HOD: Pre Primary Department

The Pre Primary department is where our children have many of their firsts, donning a school uniform for the first time, learning a new language, jotting down notes in their books - every experience seems new and exciting. The very foundation of their academic tenure is set in stone within these four walls. These seedlings spread their roots within the nurturing soil of our department. We do everything in our power to enrich their growth. Most importantly, the time here encompasses the journey of a child from dependence to self-reliance. The aim is to create an environment that is both stimulating and exciting and one which enhances learning opportunities, for my firm belief is that a happy child is the best learner.

Mrs. Mona Ryall, HOD: Primary Department

At the primary department we welcome children from the pre primary and usher them into becoming more independent. We instill a love for learning and inculcate daily study habits. Our monthly competitions encourage 100 percent participation and give each child a window into their hidden multiple intelligences.

Mrs. Ashima Kalra, HOD: Middle School Department

Middle school is a bridge which facilitates the walk from the primary school to the high school. The teens here enjoy learning through rich experiences beyond the classroom. Fun-filled activities are our forte. We drive them to achieve their fullest potential through literary and sporting activities. They are also engaged in leadership training.

Mrs. Mallika Dorothy, HOD: High School Department

The high school stands tall with its team of highly skilled and committed teachers. Rich knowledge and long years of service, blended with value-added teaching helps bring out the best in every teen so that they are confident to take on the challenges of an ever changing world.

Mrs. Angeline Theophilus, HOD: Junior College

At the Junior College Department, we welcome students from various schools and integrate them into the ISC stream with serious academic coaching and co-curricular activities with a exposure to a wide array of inter-college events/fests. We also provide an interface with professionals from various fields and representatives from international universities. In short, we caters to the holistic development of growing adults.

Mrs. Mini Koshy, HOD: NIOS

In NIOS, we instill confidence in our students and help them believe that they are capable and strong and if they believe in themselves they can turn their dreams into reality. Our students take part in various co-curricular and vocational activities and also hone their talents in various fields like dance, sports, art, music, tailoring, etc. We help them in their academic climb and allow them to chase their dreams at the same time. They are the future of the world in our classroom today.

Mrs. Anitha Menon, HOD: Bethany Professional Childcare

A spacious villa tucked away in a peaceful little lane in first block Koramangala is home to about sixty little children in the age group of four plus, taking their first steps into the wonderful world that is Bethany. Children here spend two eventful years before graduating to the pre primary department. Our teachers ensure that every moment spent at BPC is memorable, fun filled and packed with little adventures. Making wonderful memories that can be treasured and cherished for years to come.

Ms. Shanti Gnanaolivu, Principal: Bethany Special School

Bethany Special School is home to 70 odd children with special needs. Society says that they have intellectual disabilities. We, at the special school, say they are persons with different abilities. Each one is unique. The team here is dedicated and committed to the vocation we are called for. If you want to know more about us, do visit us at the Special School. Our children love visitors.

Mrs. Shanti Ravindra, HOD: Bethany Junior School 1

Bethany Junior School 1 strives to fulfill the founder, Mrs. Mignon David's vision! BJS 1 endeavors to impart academic and life skills to future generations!

Ms. Sangeetha Macaden, Headmistress: Bethany High Sarjapur

Bethany High Sarjapur is situated on Sarjapur Road, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in easy proximity to the IT hub of Bengaluru. We just crossed the five-year landmark, but we draw extensively from the legacy of the Bethany institutions that span over 55 stellar years in the field of education. We have received our accreditation from the ICSE Board. Apart from academics, we also engage our students in various co-curricular activities ranging from Abacus, dance, physical education, music, reading and conversation skills. We have several events that provide our children ample opportunities to showcase their talents and abilities.

Mr. Saroop Oomen: HOD - Music & Drama Department

The Bethany High Music & Drama Department is home to the Senior Choir, the ICSE Drama & Western Music classes, Assembly practices, the bi-annual Musical Theatre Team, the Primary music classes & Junior Choir, the Audio Recording Studio, the unofficial jam room for musicians and often a costume & make-up space too! A creative haven for performing arts! The Bethany High Auditorium comes under the purview of the Department, so the play button is ON, always!

Mrs. Smitha Oomen, HOD: Bethany Junior School 2

At Bethany Junior School II, HSR, your child would experience a positive, interactive and nurturing environment that encourages learning. At the end of 3 years, our children grow into confident 6 year olds, ready to take on the path of formal education with the required social skills.