Meghna Vadhyar – “A Thread That Will Never Break” | Bethany High School
Meghna Vadhyar – “A Thread That Will Never Break”
October 19, 2023
Bethany Institutions

A couple of days ago, when my engineering tests were going on, I was revising at home, a little nervous and unsure of my preparation for the test.

My eyes fell on the hard bound ‘The Bethany High Story’ book placed on the coffee table and although I had gone through it a million times before, I still felt the need to pick it up and turn the pages, and with every page that I turned, I felt a sense of calm. It was almost like someone had spoken to me and calmed me down. I went back to my revision but with a more confident and secure feeling.

That’s the effect that Bethany still has on me!

I remember when I first joined Bethany in Pre – Nursery, I was so shy and timid, not able to let go of my parents’ hands. However, a few years into Bethany and the school worked its magic on me, like it works on every single student who is a part of the family.

All my memories and experiences couldn’t have ever been complete without the people who were such an integral part of them, and who made every great memory what it is – The Bethany Teachers. All the way from Pre – Nursery, to Junior College, every teacher has been supremely supportive and influential. It is so inspiring for me to remember the commitment and happiness with which my teachers instilled the strongest values in us and enthusiastically led us unto enjoying both our academics and extra-curriculars with equal zeal.

One of the fondest and most treasured gifts that Bethany has given me is the Love for Music!

I learnt how much positivity and strength music can bring in people. In fact, one of my favourite experiences is standing together with all my friends and teachers in the auditorium and singing songs that instil faith and hope. Taking part in the class assemblies, music events and the most exciting musicals, started developing a deep-rooted confidence in me. But most of all, I enjoyed what I was doing. I continue to learn Music and thoroughly enjoy every second of it.

Looking back, I find that Bethany created a beautiful balance in my life, a balance between my academics and my hobbies.

Taking part in all the extra-curriculars in school, helped me focus on my studies and studies helped me enjoy my hobbies. There was such a perfect balance between the two, that I started loving and enjoying studying and singing and working hard to do both to the best of my ability, without even realizing it.

There’s another magical aspect to Bethany, which is – when you meet a person you’ve never met before and discover that he too is a Bethanite, it’s like the Universe comes together to make that experience so memorable!

“Oh you are from Bethany?! Me too!” And the conversation that follows flows like a stream, pure in its manner and clear in its direction.

I guess it’s an invisible thread that binds us all together even after we’ve left school. A thread that will hold you strong in the hardest of times, a thread that will show you the right way, the thread of trust, faith, hope and strength.  A thread, that will never break…

Meghna Vadhyar


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