Bethany’s Milestones: A Brief History
October 17, 2023
Bethany Institutions

On the occasion of Founder’s Day, we thought it would be fitting to highlight Bethany’s milestones and noteworthy achievements since its inception in 1963. We would not be where we are as an institution today, if not for the sacrifice and commitment of our highly regarded founder, Mrs. Mignon David. Bethany is proud to be one of the leading ICSE, all-round development schools in Bangalore but this success is the result of years of hard work behind the scenes. While we continue to celebrate our victories, Founder’s Day offers us the opportunity to stay grounded in our humble beginnings. Watch the video of Founder’s Day 2021 here:


It was in 1949 that the founder-Mrs. Mignon David- lost both her sons-Darrel and Leonard- aged 8 & 9 years, in a tragic drowning accident, while in an attempt to save their pet dog.

Ever since that day, the outcome of grief caused by this tragic loss, was channeled into a dream, to replace their absence by a living and lasting monument. Click here to know more about Bethany’s history:


Her dream lay dormant for nearly eleven years, after which ‘Bethany Hostel, was started in 1960-a home away from home, for the surplus girls and boys from ‘Baldwins’ and ‘Cottons’.


She founded Bethany Home School, as it was then called with the moral and financial help of her husband Mr. J. David and a very dear friend, the late Mr. Satur (ex-principle, St John’s High school). It was started with one classroom, one pupil and three teachers in an obscure room on Curly Street, Richmond Town. It was the beginning of a long journey with our Heavenly Father answering all prayers.


In June’66 the school was shifted to a rented two storied house on Serpentine Street, there were new classes from nursery to 6th standard. The strength of the school had by now grown to 105 boys and girls. Three months later on the same road a portion of a building was obtained and rented. It was called ‘Annexe 1’


This was a landmark year in our history as ‘Bethany Home School’ was recognized by the government of Karnataka and the name was changed to Bethany High School. From several rented buildings ‘Bethany High School’ moved into a single organized unit in Langford town.


Another feather in the Bethany cap… affiliation to the Indian school council, New Delhi.


A sad moment in our history. The curtain falls… on 15th April 1976, our heavenly Father looked down upon his child, and felt her task on earth was completed. He took our founder away from us, to his heavenly abode. However, fortunately by now, she had given sufficient momentum for the school to carry on and the beacon of her wonderful life, still throws its beam, far and wide, constantly reminding us, of the awareness she always possessed for humanity, and its crying needs around, and the simple fact, that we pass this way but once, and we must do whatever we can for our fellowmen. Our first ICSE batch graduated from ‘Bethany High School’ in this year.


After all these years in rented premises this was the year when we managed to secure land in Koramangala. The Bangalore Development authority, granted it on 6th of November on long lease.


The construction of the building got underway in February. The school had no funds for this purpose but his help has always been with us. The ECLOF (India) (Ecumenical Church Loan Fund of India) came forward with a loan of Rs 8 lakhs, which helped us to build the ground/first floor, library & science laboratory. We are happy to state that we repaid the loan well in time.


Bethany extended its hands to children with special needs on the 2nd of November the Bethany Special School for handicapped children with mental and physical disabilities was started.


While all the excitement had been happening at the new premises, the school had been quietly functioning and growing at Langford town. In this watershed year in our history, we moved to the new premises in Koramangala in June. With the new building, the school acquired greater recognition and dignity.


Dr. S.L. Kashiram ex-Principal of Baldwin Girls School with over 40 years of experience took over the reins of Bethany as principal. This further helped set higher standards for the school and enhanced our growing reputation.


This year saw us reach upwards and extend our school to a junior college. We started our 11th and 12th Standard classes, approved by the ISC board.


Mr. Akash Ryall returned from the United States with a Master’s in Education Administration and a heart filled with zest and took over as Principle. He brought new enthusiasm into the whole school.

The Special School grew to 45 Children and was under the able guidance of DR. S.L. Kashiram.

As a start to Mr. Ryall’s modernization plans for the school, a new computer lab was inaugurated on 14th June 1998, by the Principal of Clarence High School, Mr. Benny Joseph.


Bethany introduced Drama and fine Arts as ICSE subjects, allowing artistically oriented students to drop Science and Math’s and concentrate on their strengths.


The Junior college got its own campus, just diagonally opposite the old campus. The new campus allowed the senior most members of the Bethany pupils their privacy while still feeling at home in the old campus. Bethany also introduced a learning lab which provides remedial help for students with learning difficulties.


A major milestone in Bethany’s journey was the completion of the much awaited and beautiful Pre-Primary Block which expanded the Bethany Family by 30 class rooms to include Nursery, Junior 1 and Standard 1 and which hosts about 400 boys and girls.


The upgradation and modernization of the Chemistry Lab was completed.


The Auditorium and the Library were upgraded and modernized to match the contemporary foyer and Chemistry Lab. The acoustics of the auditorium were improved. Bethany also launched the Bethany Professional Child Care allowing children to experience the wonder of Bethany at the early age of 2 years 6 months.


A new junior school was started to act as a feeder to a new branch that would come up in the near future. Bethany also introduced the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) secondary level exams available to all.


Mr. Akash Ryall took over the position as the Director of Bethany Institutions and Mr. Robert Khin was appointed Principle in June 2010. Another new junior school was started in HSR Layout which would also serve as a feeder to the new branch that would come up in the near future.


Bethany completes 50 years and celebrates its Golden Jubilee. A new facility was added as Bethany High, Sarjapur was inaugurated in June. It started with 80 students. Mrs. Aruna Rao was the first Headmistress of the School.

The 6th Musical ‘Shrek’ was staged to mark the finale of the Golden Jubilee celebrations.

The school stands tall with a strength of 3250 plus students and around 420 employees. With excellent results in the ICSE and ISC exams, students are participating and winning laurels in co-curricular inter-school activities, Bethany is surely a beacon showing the way to many, many young lives. The Bethany Family is growing fast!

“For all we have decided, we thank god. May all we hope to achieve, glorify him”.


The year 2014 was another exciting and memorable one. Excellent result in our Board Exams – ICSE & ISC with a 100% first classes.

Our students won laurels in many inter- school competition – in particular our school relay teams of boys and girls winning most of the inter school relay races.

Our Carnival with the Hawaiian theme ‘Hiwa Hiwa Hawaii’ was a hit again and the event helped raise funds for our special school, the Bethany Family & Helpers Fund.


The ISC and the ICSE batch 2014-15 once again made Bethany proud with their excellent performance in the board examinations.

This year, our students enthralled packed audiences at Chowdiah Memorial Hall with their performance in our 7th musical ‘Pippin’.


In the ‘Year of Rightful Choices’ the school management chose launch a brand-new program which is aptly called the LEAP- Learning Enrichment Achievement Programme. This is a noteworthy milestone that accommodated children with different learning abilities, earlier on in their education. It was launched on 9th January, 2016.

Mission: To provide an equal opportunity to learn based on the children’s strengths. Equal opportunity is not giving everyone the same thing but giving children what need, to be able to learn.

The Bethany Carnival was held in Bethany School Sarjapur for the first time.  It was a grand success.


The Board of Management of the Bethany Institutions is happy to announce the Inauguration and Dedication of the new facilities added to enhance the infrastructure of the schools.


‘Madagascar’ the musical was held at St. John’s Auditorium. It showcased the participation of 125 students of Bethany.


New Facilities at Bethany High, Koramangala

Table Tennis      

A new table tennis arena was established above the sports and its inauguration became national news as it hosted the ICSE state level TT Tournament. 23 schools participated and all lauded both the facility and the impeccable organization of the tournament.

Mini Auditorium

A new mini auditorium was opened on the second floor above the sports gallery. Besides being the venue for theatre studies, Assembly practices, and small meetings. It also doubles as an exam center.

Pioneering Graduates

  • The first batch of LEAP students graduated in January 2020. (LEAP – Learning Enrichment Achievement Program is unique to Bethany High.)
  • Bethany high, Sarjapur, celebrated its first ever ICSE batch of 10th graders, 22 students in all.

Musical Theatre

Bethany High staged the Tony & Grammy Award winning musical ‘In The Heights’ with a cast of 157 students. The production broke new ground as the first ever Lin-Manuel Miranda Musical in India, and the first ever Bethany Musical to have a live – band of 8 members from the Alumni & Music Teachers, use the Spanish language and the hip-hop/rap genre, have an additional Wednesday evening show and multi-level stage-set which housed the choir & live band, and added to the spectacle!

Never Say Never

During the virus – threat lockdown period, Bethany High was one of the pioneering schools to use internet-based conference platforms to conduct online classes for the 9th, 10th& 12th Grade students.

God’s Favour

We praise and thank God for all our accomplishments. Despite multiple changes in exam schedules and other challenges that cropped up, 2019 – 20 was another grand year for Bethany, as we were blessed with God’s unending favor.


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