Bethany Professional Childcare comprises of the school’s play group and pre-nursery sections. Nestled in a beautiful house in a quiet part of Koramangala, 1st Block in Bangalore. Bethany Professional Childcare is home to children between two and a half and four years of age, providing them a nurturing and stimulating environment that aids personal development.


Every child at Bethany Professional Childcare is individually attended to in a specially created and safe environment which includes a host of outdoor activities and facilities including a playpen and sandpit. For the children of Bethany Professional Childcare, every day is constructive, fun and exciting, making the children eager to return.


At Bethany Professional Childcare a committed teaching staff and teaching assistants give each child individual attention. Children are taught using audio-visual and multimedia aids and encouraged to express themselves with confidence as they learn vocabulary, communication skills, Mathematics and Science concepts.


To stimulate the creative capabilities of students, art and craft classes are part of the curriculum along with music and dance. To balance the intellectual development of each child, children are taught physical education through games and exercises which help them maintain both a healthy mind and lifestyle.