First Place   : 4X100 Mts Relay Boys (ICSE)

1. Rakshit Vitus Vijai

2. Diniel Ray Philip

3. Chiranth Jain

4. Leuvwllyn Maril

First Place   : 4X100 Mts Relay Girls (ICSE)

1. Tanisha

2. Niharika Vaz

3. Amshula G Prasad

4. Shimran K. S.

Congratulations!!! Bethany Relay team won First Place in Medley Realy event in State Level School Olympics conducted by Youngsters Sports Club which was held on 9th and 10th December 2015. Relay Teams :

  1. Rakshit Vitus Vijay 
  2. Daniel Ray Philip
  3. Derick Suraj
  4. Chiranth Jain

Rakshit Vitus Vijay won First Place in 100 mts and 200 mts track in Star Track Athletic Sports Meet which was conducted by Star Track Club on 11th December 2015. He also won Individual Championship .

CHA_4849(1)  CHA_4851(1)

HP Codewars 2015 was conducted by Hewlett Packard Bangalore. Total 106 schools of different Board (ISC, CBSC and State Board P.U.C.) participated in this event. Bethany Junior College students Dheeraj Reddy , Samkith K Jain and Gokul Vasudev had cracked a difficult questions in the record time. Pankaj Kumar Choudhary , Head Of Computer Department was also present  with the winner’s group. Berthany Institutions is proud of our winners. Congratulations !!!!

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Our students won the Gopalan Football Tournament conducted in Gopalan School, Whitefield .They defeated St.Joseph’s PU College with a score of 3-0. A total of six teams took part in this tournament. Rakshit Vitus Vijai of Std 10 E scored five goals and was recognized as the best performer.
The names of the participants are as follows:
Rakshit Vitus, Jason Sharat, Hriday, Vikas Balamurugan, Tejaswi Leelank and Nishan Abraham. 


Sanjana Prakash, Dhavalashree, Hrudha S. Prakash, Varna D.Shetty, Sindhu Shekar, Sanjana Rathish had won the first prize at Frank Anthony Public School in the month July, 2015.

IMG-20141204-WA0001Bhuvan A.M of Std 8 C was the runner up in the Lawn Tennis Singles Championship Competition hosted on behalf of the Association by Sarala Birla Academy School. He was awarded a certificate and medal.

kannada1 kannada2

Some of our Kannada students took part in the Olive and Frank Memorial Inter School Elocution and Debate Competition and both teams emerged victorious. A total of eleven ICSE schools took part and Bethany High was placed 2nd overall.

The following are the details:

Name of the Student





Std 8D




Std 8C




Std 8C




Std 9A


1st + Best Speaker


Std 9A