Music & Drama

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be." - William Shakespeare


Performing Arts are an integral part of the Bethany Institutions. The Music & Drama departments across all Bethany Institutions impart the power of performing arts through myriad classroom activities and major School events.
Today’s generation has limitless access to all kinds of music at the click of a button. The downside is that youngsters have learnt to tune-off to what is worthwhile or even how to differentiate between the good and not so good music. The Bethany Music Department recognizes that the road ahead has many twists and turns and is arming itself with ‘the new’ to capture the imagination of the young music enthusiast & performing artists, to nurture talent and direct passions into understanding the versatility of music other performing arts.
Socrates once said, "when the soul hears music, it drops its' best guard." The power of music is infinite and the invigorating, healing, and restorative faculties that music has on young minds is beyond comprehension. As the hub of performing arts, the Bethany Music & Drama Department understands the depth of the responsibility, and the long term impact that performing arts can have on youngsters today and their future.

The Music & Drama Department works in tandem with various Departments for all events and activities that use performing arts through:

  • MUSIC CLASSES: for the Pre-Primary & Primary Children that incorporates the power of song & foundations of rhythm, melody & lyrics. Special songs are also taught towards the daily Assembly & Special performances.
  • DRAMA: The ICSE Drama Course (III C subject) at the Main School is administered by the Dept. for the IX & X STD, which includes their Internal Exam for Stage Craft & Acting.
  • CHOIR: The joy of group singing is an ancient human activity. Fresh auditions are conducted every academic year. The Choir students meet twice a week to work on vocal training, stage performance skills, harmony, learning a variety of songs in ‘show choir’ format, that is challenging for the children and engaging for any audience.
    • Junior Choir, comprising of over 40 children that perform at various functions like Prize Day Assembly’s, Rhyme Time & Choral Recitation
    • Senior Choir, comprises of over 70 children that perform at invited Festivals in the City, School programs and are on-call for other programs.
  • Main Events: The Music Department conceptualizes, creates content and oversees execution of the following:
    • School Sports
    • School Founders Day
    • Valedictory
    • Baccalaureate Service
    • Investiture
    • The Carnival: Student Performances & Staged Concerts
    • A Bi- annual mega-scale ‘Musical’
    • School Founders Day
      • Daily Assembly’s hosted by the Primary, Middle School, High School and Junior College Departments.
      • Songs of Worship, the Bible and thematic overseeing of the Assembly
      • Life Skills: Coordinating Assembly’s & value based sessions with external facilitators like ‘Beyond Barriers’ etc.
  • Auditorium & Audio Equipment:The main school auditorium is the hub of activity as it is used by every Department and students and teachers of the 9 Bethany Institutions. The Music Department manages the auditorium by;
    • Planning the Roster for the Auditorium for various events, from Rehearsals to Performance
    • Overseeing the running of the Audio Video equipment for all Auditorium & Outdoor events.
    • Inventory management & maintenance of audio equipment for all Bethany Institutions