"Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination." - Sidney Sheldon
Bethany High has four separate libraries to cater the needs of different age groups. The fascinating world of books is thrown open to tiny tots at our colourful Pre-Primary Library and Junior School Library. Children are allowed to touch and feel the books . Storytelling sessions are frequently held. The hard bound giant sized multi coloured books help to kindle their curiosity paving way for stepping into the Junior Library which caters to the Junior School.

Junior School Library has about 8000 junior level books. Children are free to explore, browse, enjoy and savour books. Creative activities are also conducted like story reproduction etc. Children are encouraged to respect books as repositories of knowledge.

Senior Library has more than 10,000 books of all varieties like reference book, fiction, non-fiction, question bank, board papers etc. It subscribes to several newspaper and magazines for the benefit of one and all. In addition to this scholastic book clubs, fairs and author visits are arranged.