Children are the world’s most precious resource and Bethany Junior School 1 is dedicated to making the child’s first experience of education, a happy and a meaningful one. The trained academic staff, the professional co-curricular staff and the admin staff are committed to achieving this goal and work tirelessly and sincerely towards this end.
Bethany Junior School 1 targets the foundation level that develops rapidly during the early childhood years, so that children maximize future learning capabilities.
To teach reading and writing a combination of various methods is adopted. These include phonics, sight reading, tracing and writing. To give students a good grasp of the concepts of numeracy, sorting and counting is done.
BJS 1 upholds Gandhiji’s philosophy of a sound mind in a healthy body. In keeping with this philosophy the students have a structured PE programme carried out by the PE department as well as by “Jump Bunch”. An Annual Sports Meet is held where the students participate in a walk past, a drill and novelty races.
In keeping with today’s cyber age, the students have computer classes in the Multi-Media Lab where they are taught by a qualified software engineer.
Music massages the brain. Through music the children are made aware of rhythm and rhyme. Further it develops their memories and fluency of language. The music programme is conducted by a trained musician. The Choral Recitation which is presented annually, showcase’s the student’s recitation and singing skills.
Art and craft is the doorway to self expression. Through art and craft, under the guidance of a professional Artist, students develop tactile imagination and visual sensory skills.
The fascinating world of books is made available to the students, who have a weekly library period where they are guided by a junior librarian.
With the holistic development of the students as a goal, special assemblies are held for Independence Day, Kannada Rajyotsava, Republic Day and Children’s Day. As well, “Hygiene Awareness Day”, “Environment Day” , “Good Manners Awareness Day” and “Traffic Rules Awareness Day” are observed. Rabindranath Tagore said “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information, but makes our lives in harmony with all existence.” Following this ideal Field Trips and a Picnic are organized. The programme at Bethany Junior School 1 upholds Plato’s view that “The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future”.
BJS-1 is proud to announce the Olympiad Medal Winner List (2014-2015) National Science Olympiad (NSO):
S.No. Class Name Medal
1. STD-1A Aditya Sezhiyan Gold Medal
2. STD-2A Sarah Mariam David Bronze Medal
National Cyber Olympiad (NCO):
S.No. Class Name Medal
1. STD-2C Aarya Tiwari Zonal Gold Medal
2. STD-2A Mayur A.P Bronze Medal
International Math Olympiad (IMO):
S.No. Class Name Medal
1. STD-2A Shaurya · International Silver Medal · International rank # 41  
2. STD-2A Sarah Mariam David Zonal Gold Medal
3. STD-2A Mayur A.P Gold Medal
4. STD-2A Ojasvi B. Silver Medal
5. STD-2C Taran Saxena Bronze Medal
6. STD-2C Neeti Sinha Silver Medal
International English Olympiad (IEO):
S.No. Class Name Medal
1. STD-1C Dhyey Sachin Shah Gold Medal
2. STD-2C Neeti Sinha   Silver Medal
3. STD-2A Lara Pinto   Bronze Medal
Merit Certificates for English:
S.No. Class Name
1 STD-2A Raksha Krishna Prasad
2 STD-2C Rithvik Karthikeyan
3 STD-2C Taran Saxena