We motivate our children to be informative, ingenious, inquisitive and innovative to acquire more In-depth knowledge! We encourage the students under our care to ask questions and have an insatiable appetite for reading. We religiously follow Howard Gardner’s philosophy and cater to their Multiple Intelligences.

Our Focus…..

To have strong personal bonding with our students, so that the dear teens under our care are Incredibly comfortable with us.

To cater to students who are physically challenged, and differently abled so that they can make Inroads to success and are on an equal footing with their class mates.

To offer a variety of subjects to choose from… Our children can pick any subject, from Commerce to Art, Drama or PE. in accordance to their aptitudes and abilities.

Our USP…..

The deep Interpersonal relationship among teachers is our most prominent USP. Once the teachers are in the staff room (which is a tension free heaven!) they are on a level playground and become a very cohesive group…hence the nick name…The Fevicool Family!!! The bond is further strengthened when birthdays, anniversaries and good news is shared…there is confidence among us that our difficulties are faced with the support of our team.

Our greatest USP are our dear teenagers! Students who come to visit us even after they leave our portals…making us happy and fulfilled when they talk about their achievements…We participate in their weddings and visit them if tragedy strikes. The umbilical cord remains intact!