• To develop a perceptive, sensitive and critical response to music, dance and drama in its historical and cultural contexts.
  • To stimulate and develop an appreciation and enjoyment of music, dance and drama through active involvement.
  • To develop performing skills, and so encourage a participation in the wide range of performance activities likely to be found in the school and community.
  • To develop a co-oprative attitude through the organisation and participation associated with music, dance and drama.

Bethany High is the among few ICSE schools in India where Drama is taken as a Sixth Subject in the ICSE Examinations. The syllabus :

Candidates will be expected to have an appreciation of the following elements:
  • Use of people, space and conflicts in Drama.
  • The function of the Director.
  • The actor : Basic technique ( Stage Position, Body positions used by actors - in relation to the audience and to other actors, Turns and gestures, Movement and approaches, Entering and exiting, Handling of properties) , Body , Voice and Role.
  • The Stage : Its various parts and diffrent types of staging (proscenium arch theatre, central staging, street theatre, folk theatre, puppetry).