The Pre-primary department comprises of Pre-nursery, Nursery, Junior 1 and standard1. Children who have reached the age of 3 are admitted to the Pre-nursery section and are taken through these four grades which prepare them for the Primary department.

Our curriculum has been carefully structured in collaboration with leading school consultants in the city. It draws extensively on contemporary thinking like Multiple –Intelligence and Quality Circles, while also offering an eclectic blend of key aspects of Montessori and other popular disciplines.
At Bethany, we put God above all else. Hence, we have morning assemblies, where we pray and meditate.
Birthdays of each child and teachers are celebrated by singing for them and giving them a greeting card.
All the innovative activities are conducted to boost the confidence of the students and to make learning fun. Children are exposed to these throughout the year. The activities are not only successful in building interest but also to impart information in a creative way.
Personal Achievements of children, outside school are also recognized.


Music is a creative as well as a performing art. Through music the children are taught Rhythm and melody. It helps to soothe and relax them.


We have a library filled with wonderful and colorful books to help the children inculcate a love for reading, to help them build their vocabulary and to handle books with care.

Physical Education

Being fit and exercising regularly is extremely important. We have Fit Physique to help children develop mind and body co-ordination and to enhance this ,we have out sourced this activity to “Jump Bunch” a group that hone their individual skills

Story Telling

Imagination and creativity is imperative for an all round development of a child and this is beautifully brought out through storytelling.

Activity Centre

Activity Centre: We know how important eye- hand coordination is for a child and to develop this even further, we have the Activity center where the children are encouraged to do puzzles and play board games.


To develop confidence and a sense of independence we have elocution that also helps in sentence construction and pronunciation.


Mental agility, eye hand coordination, concentration and the ability to calculate mentally are the skills that are developed through Abacus.


We believe parents are as important in a school as a student and teacher, so we strive to form a partnership between home and school. We are constantly communicating to them about their child’s strengths and drawbacks and assist them with advice to enable them to overcome their shortcomings through PTA meetings.