The Bethany Hostel was built around the concept of a home away from home. Its core objective is to provide a comfortable,cared for environment to children so they can concentrate whole-heartedly on their education.The campus grounds of the hostel are beautifully laid out with gardens, lawns, fountains and an expansive playground. All modern facilities including a full backup generator have been provided to make it a top flight residential facility.


Separate dormitories are provided for boys and girls. Each of the two are large, airy, comfortable and cozy. The entire setup has been carefully planned to give children a sense of belonging to a group while still having their own personal area.

Special care is taken for their comfort, health and safety. From mosquito nets over each of the beds to an adjacent warden’s room, the Hostel ensures comprehensive care for all the children.


The Hostel boasts of a spotless, hygienic and modern kitchen, manned by extremely able professionals.The meals provided are carefully monitored to ensure a safe and healthy diet. The Hostel serves varied cuisines on a rotational basis. Each meal is planned to be highly nutritious and nourishing.

The dining hall is a spacious area capable of seating up to a 100 children. This too, like the kitchen, is maintained spick and span through the year.


Every need of the resident children has been considered during the construction of the Hostel. A large study hall has been provided for them for use during the day. A smaller room adjoining each of the dormitories is available for students wanting to study at night. Play Ground

An array of indoor and outdoor sports equipment is stored by the Hostel for recreation. From chess to table tennis, from football to cricket, children are pampered for choice in their leisure hours. Every month, a hostel party is organized with a host of fun games and contests in which all the boarders are invited to participate. Periodic games nights and restaurant nights are also conducted.


The Hostel is personally looked after by Mrs. E. H. Ryall, daughter of the founder of The Bethany Institutions. Her ability to become a second mother to all the resident children ensures that each and every one of them is emotionally secure and happy.

The Bethany Hostel also houses one of the most exquisitely beautiful chapels. A small, cozy retreat,the chapel is the venue for regular prayer sessions,moral instruction classes and choir practice. To attend to the medical needs of the children, a qualified doctor is in daily attendance. A trained nurse is also stationed in the hostel and is on-call 24 hours a day.