Nestled in sylvan surroundings, Bethany High Sarjapur has just crossed the three year landmark. But we draw extensively from the legacy of the Bethany institutions that span over 50 glorious years in the field of education.

• We currently have 586 students, 68 staff and around 58 helpers and drivers on our rolls. We have classes till Std VIII as of 2017-18. The school continues to grow and an additional class is added on each year.

Our science labs provide practical and hands on training to the middle school students. We have two well equipped libraries for the senior as well as junior school. The computer lab is accessible to all our students right from Nursery to Std VII.

The school offers holistic and all round development to all our students. Apart from academics, we also engage our students in various co-curricular activities ranging from Abacus, dance, physical education, music, reading and conversation skills.

We have various events that provide our children ample opportunities to showcase their talents and abilities.

Spanning across two days, the Sports Days are our biggest events. The students put up varied and colourful displays as part of the PE drills. Our novelty races for the parents are a huge draw every year.

The Choral Recitation and Rhyme and Rhythm are events that encourage our students to express their cultural skills and talents.

The Pre-nursery and Nursery students have Show and Tell sessions as well as Colour Days on a monthly basis. They are encouraged to dress in a particular colour on a specified day and talk about the object that they carry with them. The Activity Room is open to the Pre-nursery, Nursery and Junior 1 students. Their fine motor skills, eye- hand coordination and sensory skills are honed by the various puzzles, blocks, puppets, beading and lacing activities that they take part in.

Each class from Std II upward participates in Special Assemblies that revolve around a particular theme.

We offer music, public speaking, dramatics and quiz as part of the club activities to the middle school.

The cafeteria and tuck shop provide lunch and breakfast as well as snack at very nominal rates to the students and staff

Abacus  Dance
Learning Lab  Music
Physical Education  Reading and conversation

Abacus, the ancient system of Chinese computing is part of our academic curriculum from Std I to Std V.  Students learn to use the abacus tool and are able to solve math problems mentally as well.

Apart from mental math prowess, abacus has been proved to hone thinking, memory and reflexes among others.


From this year, we have incorporated dance as part of the curriculum. Students from Junior 1 to Std V, benefit from the weekly dance classes.

Junior 1 to Std II learn the basic forms of Western Dance, while Std III to V learn Hip Hop.

Apart from flexibility, dance has proved to increase a sense of rhythm, improve physical fitness and prowess and stamina. Research has proven that dancing also reduces stress and tension for the mind and body.

Learning Lab

“If I cannot learn the way you teach, can you teach me the way I learn?”

This is the motto and guiding principle of the Learning Lab.

We have a fully functional Learning Lab where students who have difficulties in learning, reading and writing are taught at their pace. Our qualified and experienced special educators work alongside with the students who need the extra help.  Over the years, more than 20 students are benefitting from this program.

We also have an in house student counsellor to help and guide our students.


At Bethany, music plays an integral part of the curriculum. Sing-a -along time is a favourite activity for the pre-primary department. Vocal lessons are taught from Std II to Std VI on a weekly basis. All children are encouraged to actively participate in the classes.

We also have a senior and junior choir, comprising of students who have been selected through an audition process.  Singing and instrumental competitions are planned for the year ahead.

The Music Dept plays an active role in the school assemblies conducted by various classes.

After school training for the keyboard and the guitar are conducted for interested students.

  Physical Education

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

We certainly want our children to be energetic sportsmen and women. Sports and games are keenly encouraged in school across all age groups. Students are trained in throw ball, cricket, football, basketball and athletics. Children also participate in indoor games such as chess, table tennis and carom during their PE classes.

We have an active football team. They have participated in inter- school tournaments.

Over 50 of our children have also participated in the Annual Road Run held in July.

  Reading and Conversation Skills

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers. Charles W. Eliot

In order to develop a love for reading among the children, we have a reading program for the Children of Std II. They are exposed to the wide world that books open up for them. Our teachers work with them on their vocabulary and pronunciation skills as well.