The curriculum of the art department has been designed to nurture the creative minds of our students by giving them a platform that develops and refine their sketching and painting skills. The students are taught how to sketch still objects and nature-life as well. From the right kind of pencils to use to providing finishing touches to a masterpiece, these are all guided by the teachers of the art department to ensure that the students are well-equipped to discover and channel their creativity in the best way possible.

Art as a elective subject can be chosen in the 9th and 10th std and then again in the 11th and 12th std.

Apart from sketching live objects, the curriculum also involves students taken for excursions where they are brought closer to nature and are introduced to various forms of art apart from just on a canvas. This excursion helps with inspiration and a fresh perspective in sight. The students also get to try their hand at clay modeling and pottery. They are taught to create beautiful pieces of utensils using clay and then paint it to add finishing touches after which the clay is baked and as good as ready to be sold at the marketplace.

Above everything, each student is given a channel of discovery, creativity, expression and passion. The students of come out as more confident, expressive and creative individuals who truly believe that the world is their canvas!